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Credit If you have bad credit, you are going to want to fix it before applying for more funds. While it certainly is possible to get more funds from bad credit loans and credit cards, you will find that there are some negative aspects to getting more funds while your credit issues still exist. You are charged higher interest rates for one thing because you are considered a risk to creditors. You will also be faced with the same issues that got you into the credit mess since you did not take the time to assess your bad credit issue, to get credit help, and to fix your financial problems. You should make an effort to repair your credit situation and to use bad credit help resources to get yourself on financially stable ground before applying for more funds. Repairing what caused your negative credit in the first place is an important step you must take in order to restore your credit to a good rating. In order to repair your credit standing, you will need to turn to the problem solving technique identified as the Root Cause Analysis; the latter problem solving method will require that you assess where you went wrong in the first place so that you wound up with bad credit. For instance, did you have good credit until you could not make the monthly payments on your credit card bill? Did your monthly bill accumulate, and be.e impossible to pay? Did you lose your source of in.e so that you could no longer maintain payments on your credit card bill? The Root Cause Analysis system will break down your credit issues to their smallest .ponent. For instance, you would ask yourself the questions needed to identify the root cause, and you would continue working your way through the problem until you could no longer break the issue down any further. In the above example, you might have failed to pay your credit card bill because of a loss of employment, but is that really the reason for your current credit situation? Why did you lose the job? Did you be.e unemployed because you were unable to meet the demands of your job and because you lacked training? If the latter question is true, then based on the Root Cause Analysis method, in order to fix bad credit and to prevent bad credit in the future, you will need to get the training you need to meet the demands of your job so you can remain employed and pay your bills in a timely manner. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: