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Banking nightmare: rich people have begun to use robot consultants, wealthy bank customers are beginning to accept the advice of robot consultants, and in order to compete for these customers, many banks are actively launched its own version of automation investment technology. Millennials and small investors are not the only clients to use robotic consultants, says Kendra Thompson, managing director of accenture. At Charles Schwab, about 15% of automated portfolio clients have more than $1 million in escrow assets. Thompson said to Peng Bo, "this is real cash flow. You see more money customers are trying new technologies. They put some of their money into the robot consultant and tried it." A number of organizations, including Wealthfront Inc and Betterment LLC, are offering the technology, and the charge is quite cheap. Wealthfront was one of the earliest intelligent investment advisers. It was created at Palo Alto in Silicon Valley, California, in January 2007. The company chooses a basket of ETF according to investor’s risk preference, covering American and international stocks, bonds, real estate funds and commodity funds. Its investment philosophy is based on the modern portfolio theory, focusing on the allocation of large assets, rather than the choice of individual shares. Betterment was also one of the earliest intelligent investment advisers, founded in 2008 in New York, USA. Its investment philosophy is similar to that of Wealthfront, and it also focuses on the allocation of diversified assets. In the Wealthfront platform, less than 10 thousand dollars of investment does not charge any fees, more than this amount, the annual fee of 0.25%. Betterment charges 0.15%-0.35% according to the size of the portfolio. Both companies charge about 0.15% of the underlying ETF investment. Therefore, the cost of retail investors is no more than 0.5%, which is much lower than the investment consulting and management costs of 1.5%-2% in the industry. As the cheap service gets more and more recognized by the public, traditional brokerages are facing challenges. In September last year, the bank issued a report that smart money is becoming more and more popular among young investors, and it is expected to become a trillion level industry in the future. Citigroup said that with the emergence of robots, financial advisory industry advisory costs downward pressure. Morgan Stanley, Bank of America and Wells Fargo have hired 46 thousand human advisers. These companies are planning to use more artificial intelligence instead of traditional employees. Deutsche Bank launched a computerized investment advisory services last year, BlackRock investment adviser and other Asset Management Co to follow the trend of robot. The Bank launched a robot consultant named AnlageFinder, which is one of the measures for network service platform to expand investment. The consultant will use the questionnaire and computer design program algorithm, for the line network investment theory

银行噩梦:富人们已开始使用机器人顾问   富裕的银行客户正开始接受机器人顾问的意见,而为了争夺这些客户,多家银行正积极的推出自己版本的自动化投资科技。   咨询公司埃森哲董事总经理Kendra Thompson表示,千禧一代和小型投资人并不是唯一使用机器人顾问的客户。在Charles Schwab,大约15%的自动投资组合客户其托管资产超过100万美元。   Thompson向彭博表示:“这是真实的资金流动。你看到资金更充裕的客户正在尝试新技术。他们将一部分资金投入机器人顾问中,进行尝试。”   包括Wealthfront Inc和Betterment LLC在内的多家机构正在提供该技术,并且收取的费用相当低廉。   Wealthfront 是最早的智能投资顾问之一,于2007年1月在美国加州硅谷的 Palo Alto 创建。该公司根据投资者的风险偏好,选择一篮子ETF,涵盖美国和国际股票、债券、房地产基金和大宗商品基金。它的投资理念基于于现代投资组合理论,着重对大类资产的配置,而不是个股的选择。   Betterment 也是最早的智能投资顾问之一,于2008年在美国纽约创建。它的投资理念与Wealthfront类似,也是着重于多元化大类资产的配置。      在Wealthfront平台,低于1万美元的投资不收取任何费用,超过这个额度则每年收取0.25%的费用。Betterment则按照投资组合规模收取0.15%-0.35%的费用。这两家公司全都对基础的ETF投资额外收取大约0.15%的费用。因此散户投资者的成本加起来不高于0.5%,这比业内通常1.5%-2%的投资咨询和管理费用低得多。   随着这低廉的服务越来越受到公众认可,传统券商正面临挑战。去年9月,花期银行发布报告指出,智能理财越来越为年轻投资者所喜爱,未来有望成为万亿级别的产业。花旗称,随着机器人的出现,理财顾问行业的咨询费用有下行压力。   摩根士丹利、美国银行和富国银行共计雇佣了4.6万名人类顾问。这些公司正计划更多的运用人工智能来替代传统员工。   德意志银行于去年启动了一项电脑化的投资顾问服务,追随贝莱德等资产管理公司投资机器人顾问的潮流。   德银推出的机器人顾问名为AnlageFinder,它是该行网络投资平台拓展服务的举措之一。这位顾问会利用问卷调查和电脑设计的程序算法,为该行网络投资平台的客户提供股票投资组合的相关建议。   德银认为,AnlageFinder不仅适用于投资新手,也适合有经验的投资者。它会通知客户有哪些潜在的投资风险,比如过于侧重某些板块,还会突出显示其他投资选择。   银行很快将意识到,由于他们收取了相对较高的费用,他们必须提供更优于竞争对手的服务。毕竟,这些机器人顾问收取的服务费非常的低廉。Thompson指出,技术将让顾问看上去更智能、更优秀、更强大,更能掌控一切。    进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: