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The construction of Beijing science and technology innovation center put forward the "three steps" – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, September 2 (reporter Zhang Su) China Vice Minister of science and technology Li Meng 2, said in Beijing, the construction of the Beijing National Science and technology innovation center is divided into three steps: to take shape in 2017 to 2020, the core function further; strengthen scientific and technological innovation ability to lead the country; by 2030 the core function is more optimized, provide strong support for the China forefront of innovative country. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting in Beijing in September 1st, considered and agreed in principle to strengthen the overall plan for the construction of Beijing science and technology innovation center. State Council Information Office held 2 to promote the construction of the national science and technology innovation center in Beijing briefing. Li Meng said, science and technology innovation center with global influence should have four characteristics: the forefront of technology leading, industry development trend, innovation platform to realize the gathering of high-end open innovation environment. Accordingly, the center of science and technology innovation can play three roles: high-end lead, technology spillover, connectivity and internal and external. "Beijing construction of the national science and technology innovation center, is the new normal under the transformation of regional economic development, to create innovative development heights and growth pole, driven by an important measure of the country to cultivate new economic growth momentum." Li Meng said that the choice of Beijing, because here has become the most innovative resources in China, the most innovative achievements, one of the most active areas of innovation and entrepreneurship. According to the "three step" development goals, "plan" has been focused on the deployment from five aspects: — to strengthen the original innovation, create a well-known science center in the world, to promote the Zhongguancun Science City, Huairou Science City, the future science and technology city construction, the implementation of brain science, quantum computation and quantum communication, life and health, strategic materials other large scientific project; — accelerating technological innovation, build sophisticated economic structure, the implementation of the eight technology in a new generation of information technology, bio medicine, energy, new energy vehicles, energy saving and environmental protection, and the advantages of digital materials, pilot manufacturing, rail transportation and other industries across the project, and the implementation of the capital action blue sky five people’s Livelihood Science and technology; Beijing Tianjin Hebei — promote collaborative innovation, cultivate a world-class innovative city — strengthening group; Global cooperation, build open innovation heights; — promote comprehensive reform and innovation, optimize the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship; Beijing City Vice Mayor Sui Zhenjiang said at a news briefing, the official will publish relevant policy measures at next week’s Beijing city science and Technology Innovation Conference, to ensure that the development goal of the letter. (end)相关的主题文章: