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Beijing – VIDEO – Chongqing Millennium Town Ciqikou mid peak [comment] in September 16th, Mid Autumn Festival holiday second days, Chongqing Millennium Town Ciqikou scenic ushered in the peak passenger flow. In order to ensure the safety of tourists, scenic areas to take measures to limit the flow of management. Ciqikou town is located in Chongqing city Shapingba District, Jialing River, has a history of 1800 years, here to save a relatively complete ancient building, known as the first town of Chongqing, is one of the famous tourist attractions in Chongqing during the holidays, will attract many tourists. Ciqikou has a rich taste of "old Chongqing", walking in the town, everywhere can feel full of local folk culture, covered with chili pepper flavor, smell of the shops, playing a traditional cake, peanut candy play show here one by one. Visitors can experience the long queues to buy town twist, or look at the master site Handmade Chongqing Hot and Sour Rice Noodles, or into the restaurant to taste the delicacy of Chongqing flavor characteristics of the ancient town, feeling. The same period [] (tourist Wang Fuqin) I came from Lanzhou to Chongqing, and my boyfriend together to play, feel the cake, never seen this thing, feel sticky, no effort. (tourists Mr. Ding) is the first time I came to Chongqing, I came from Xi’an, I feel there is something quite special, like cake, pepper what, just has too many people. [interpretation] in order to ensure the safety of tourists, the town has also taken measures to limit the flow of management to protect the normal order of scenic spots. The same period [] (Shapingba District of Chongqing City, 110 police at the team soon Zou Chenglin) because the Mid Autumn Festival holiday tourists very much, traffic is very large, so we take each node, every traffic on the road, there are Traffic and patrol police here on duty, traffic control, we continuously in the patrol car patrol, traffic. In Ciqikou Town, we take a single way of abortion, abortion counseling, because many people, prevent the occurrence of accidents. Reporter Jiang Xijia Chongqing reports相关的主题文章: