Beijing – VIDEO – Yunnan Kunming thousand people share a diameter of 3 meters large potato cake

Beijing – VIDEO – Yunnan Kunming thousand people share a diameter of 3 meters large "potato Baba" Yunnan Kunming thousands of people share a diameter of 3 meters large "potato Baba" [comment] in September 24th, with a diameter of 3 meters long giant "potato Baba" appeared in Kunming, the first Dongchuan delicacy Festival, attracted onlookers people taste. "Dongchuan Sambo, potatoes, noodles, Fengyi Zhang." This is the Dongchuan folk rumors of a word. Potato is the Yunnan dialect meaning "Kunming specialty potatoes, Dongchuan District flowering potato", is the famous local delicacy. In Dongchuan Lizigou "flowering potato Festival", "potato king" had sold 3500 yuan high price. The event, more than 2000 people to witness and share the world’s largest potato baba". According to the organizers responsible person, the "potato Baba" is dedicated to the delicacy Festival, up to 3 meters in diameter, 20 cm thick. For the 450 kilograms of material nearly 3000 large potato, by more than 20 chefs made the night. During the same period (Kunming, Dongchuan Tourism Bureau Secretary Wen Bin) in order to further enhance the image of the image of the Higashikawa Yo, increase value-added. Our local artists wanted a (way), it is not one of the world’s largest potato Baba, to participate in the opening ceremony of the delicacy Festival, gay friends have come to taste, to taste Dongchuan (potato). [comment] with the moderator order, giant Baba eat potato. Everyone hands are holding a box of potato Baba, with vegetables, pickled cabbage, chatting and eating. This year, 60 year old Dongchuan resident Zhang Shunde said, the immediate scene of the memories of his childhood memories. [the same period] (Dongchuan citizen Zhang Shunde) I have a look today, (here) there are old people have children, some excitement in my heart, to find the feeling of childhood. This is because we eat up when I was young, now we are old and young generation, people have no memory, forgetting, very good. [interpretation] it is reported that the first Dongchuan food festival will continue until September 30th. Delicacy during the festival, people can not only enjoy free "Wushi" cold face, small ears and black goat meat, grilled tofu, fresh authentic Shiping beer special snack, but also buy cheap characteristics of agricultural products, enjoy the unique characteristics of Dongchuan art show. Reporter Dao Zhinan Kunming reports相关的主题文章: