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Beijing willow willow cut hundreds of residents without regret (Figure) – Willow willow Sohu Haidian town government news: in recent years the frequent tree smashed cars for security reasons will move Haidian District Wanliu area Haidian town resow catalpa know road the day before the beginning of cutting down on both sides of the road near willow (see photo), many residents feel sorry, "have all been willow cut, no willow willow!" In this regard, Haidian Town Agricultural Service Center staff reply, before the rainy days often hit willow near the vehicle, considering the safety of tree felling 154 trees, then replant the same number of Catalpa bungei. Haidian District Landscaping Bureau also said it had approved the matter, the removal of compliance. There are many hundreds of willow trees are hollow of yesterday morning, the Beijing morning news reporter came to know the Wanliu area road, in a short span of 400 meters on both sides of the road, lying side with a lot of fine willow branches scattered on the ground, after the vehicle near it carefully. On the more than and 50 pits on the north side of the willow has not disappeared, only dig out huge roots. To walk on both sides of the road, and some trees were cut down trees lying on the ground, some were uprooted erected in place. Rough statistics, on both sides of the whole road about 150 pits, almost all cleared. One is the construction workers said, the day before the road began to cut down trees, three days will be clean, then replant other species. Have to cut, the willow age, insects, many trees are hollow." Workers say it is not true, reporters from some of the truncated roots did see a large part of the hollow part. No one was surprised to say some people near the residents are very sorry. "Such a good willow, down more beautiful, summer also shade. Willow, willow, willow trees are not even now!" The old man told reporters, Wanliu area Willow Road, wanquanzhuang Road on both sides of the road have grown many willows in recent years has been felled, planted with other trees. This newspaper has reported in November 2010 by cutting a willow Willow Road, "this is the last known road a Willow Road, now also was cut!" The old man frowned and complain, shows between the lines. However, there are residents expressed support. According to residents, "are near residential area, when the spring flying catkins, accidentally sucked into the nose, too uncomfortable!" Not only that, he also complained that the summer of vehicles parked in the tree will always be very dirty, before there after the rain hit the roadside willow vehicle thing. Future planning in replant catalpa Agricultural Service Center telephone subsequently, the reporter went to the Haidian town government, the staff explained that due to the past two years many willow stormy days smashed cars and things, compared to other species of willow branches low to block the line of sight, there are security risks, "every spring when liuxufei we also received a large number of residents reflect the telephone. For these problems, the town government decided to change the tree species." Residents of the nearby Wanliu area of willow nostalgia, he said he understood, but also mentioned that in recent years the population and traffic flow, residential Wanliu area has increased, the demand for comprehensive consideration of city and landscape demand, decided to.相关的主题文章: