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[the best] delicacy and beauty taste buds where the WISH into the indus – Sohu Beijing alley and terrace cafe, restaurant, located in large lawn in the garden restaurant, beauty and delicacy has doomed extraordinary price. Such a restaurant location is destined to its high-end positioning, personality, fashion, avant-garde. WISH Roasted Duck Indus restaurant is located in the famous Beijing creative tourism and leisure venues in Lido garden gate. The permeability of the restaurant building, is now the most fashionable crowd favorite open, hidden in a body. Spring warm braw, food to the glamorous diners full of vigour summer evening sunset a wisp of lofty ideals and high aspirations; let the restaurant a cool, refreshing natural wind garden; winter sitting in a restaurant to enjoy the dance of light flying snow, enjoy high delicacy and cold between snow; autumn drizzle, rich food to patrons of the joy of harvest. Creative restaurant dishes combines the essence of Beijing cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, Italian, Thai and Japanese cuisine Western-style food material and other parts of the world delicacy, inheritance delicacy classical characteristics, learn from the current popular delicacy of molecular essence. Roast duck creative restaurant is not less roast duck, which is the traditional cuisine of Beijing, the same level of restaurant roast duck approach is the same, the key is to eat different. The plane four Roasted Duck four different flavor, soy sauce, four different flavors, each taste will bring different feeling tongue. A four Roasted Duck taste can make many different kinds of taste, Lotus-Leaf-Shaped Pancake wrapped with pure roast duck, flesh and skin with crisp cucumber, onion, melon, eat only feel tongue meat, flavor, fragrance of fruits and vegetables all blend into one harmonious whole. Students burn crisp onion kidney, kidney after rinsing, remove the kidney Sao fishy, crisp taste treatment probably comes from the ice. Fresh salted scallion scallion sauce ingredients, gives refreshing taste, elegant color, crisp and refreshing. North and South: South and North pork sauce sauce sauce is different, and the application of the taste like plum like fruit. The rich flavor of the liver, remove the bad smell is particularly important, combined with the South and North butter sauce, sweet and sour sauce highlights the fresh and salty taste. Indus signs: sauce tasty roast pork mature meat, taste salty, skin, tendons, pig meat, soft taste delicious. Given the barbecue roast pork, hot air Braised Pig Feet in Brown Sauce the baked aroma with grease. Yong Bao: small fresh Mashed Potato, small abalone, asparagus, green mustard, several ingredients seem not to the point, was the kitchen magicians interpretation be not of the common sort. Let people see the green fruit, there is a small fresh feeling, mustard flavor, Mashed Potato sand, small abalone flavor, too wonderful for words. Italy Stewed Beef in Casserole: Italy chefs love of cheese, like oil on China chef emotion like beef in the cheese more smooth, fresh milk seeped into every cell of beef, cheese taste smooth let crude fiber become thin beef. Puff Pastry with mango salmon: crispy skin powder golden color, salmon pink, gorgeous color let the eye eat meal, crispy skin, soft waxy salmon Xian Xiangyuan相关的主题文章: