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3 Reasons Your Bd Team Needs A Communication & Selling Training Posted By: sridharan sharma You run a company. You founded it and worked day in and day to make it what it is today. Even today you work harder than your staff. You have no particular issues with your staff – except they’re not bringing you enough of business. They probably need some training. So when was the last time you conducted training for your staff, particularly for your business development team? See these are the people who call and meet the prospects and customers in person – what they say matter a lot – and how they say matters more than that. Therefore, you better not send them out if they’ve no idea about what they’re to say there – or, how to say it there. Trainings are essential even for the experienced sales people – the best corporate training programs do not only teach you how to speak or sell, but go deeper and build relationships with customers – relationships that can be nurtured and developed for years. At the end of the day, no business can survive if it isn’t investment in building loyal customers who will let others know about your business and make them buy from you.

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SAP online training What To Do Before Attending The Corporate Training Posted By: James Jordan Such trainings are organized by employers for their employees so that they can learn new skills which will enable them to be more productive. This article will seek to advice employees on what to do in order to get the most benefits from such programs. To get the most from any training, one needs to prepare for the training. You should be in the right frame of mind as you go for the training. You can achieve this mind frame by knowing what the training is about or which gaps will it seek to cover in your skills. You also need to have in mind what you would like to gain from the training. Your manager will play a significant role in ensuring you get to know the areas that will be covered by the training. You also need to have sufficient rest before going for the training. It is recommended that the participant should carry a pen and paper for taking notes. To be able to retain most of what you have learnt, you should actively participate in the training. This can be through discussions, sharing your experience and asking questions.

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