CCTV exposure of the country’s first Tesla automatic driving fatal accident (video)

CCTV exposure fatal accident off the reel automatic driving country since the first Tesla Tesla in China: the first automatic driving accident CCTV "rule of law online" column today exposure occurred in Hebei Handan Tesla autopilot function causing deaths. A man was driving the Tesla driving on the highway, the car to avoid obstacles, the man hit dodge road sweeping car accident. This is the first since the disclosure of Tesla’s automatic driving function caused fatal traffic accidents. According to CCTV reported that the 23 year old high name owners in the troops engaged in the driver’s work, and there are tens of thousands of kilometers of safe driving record. But according to the analysis of the accident after the trip in the video recorder, when the accident occurred, Tesla in "speed", and failed to identify the Dodge and hit the vehicle in front. The scene of the traffic police investigation, before the crash, the car involved in the accident Tesla did not carry out any escape and deceleration, to maintain the speed of the road ahead of the work is being done in the end of the road sweeper. According to CCTV reported that the accident occurred in January this year, was not disclosed. In other words, the accident occurred in China, as early as the United States, Model S accident death in Florida, Tesla is the world’s first automatic driving deadly accident.相关的主题文章: