Children escape, hide or copy the work of parents how to do midd-885

The children escape, how do parents or conceal plagiarism in learning, the teacher said no homework, homework; homework not done, that is done; copying others’ homework; examination result is not good, not a paper; low score, high score was renamed…… Sometimes the child shows both sides. Parents of both sides of the child’s behavior, both angry and anxious, and then increase the reprimand, discipline efforts, the results of the two sides of some children not only did not change the behavior, but more clever, more advanced. How should we really solve the two acts? First, the analysis of the child’s spiritual needs, material needs and the need to play, try to meet their reasonable part. That is, parents and children to talk, like friends, so that we can hear the child. Parents do not fully agree with the idea of adult children, some of the child’s needs are often unexpected parents. Sometimes, the children are so in love a little leaf, a small string, always want to play them. Therefore, parents should give children time to play, to see the real needs behind the child lies. Second, learn to affirm and encourage children, and enhance children’s self-confidence, not subjective, arbitrary abuse of criticism, reprimand and punishment. When the error when the children do, when children do not test well, parents are unable to obtain light criticism and scold the good effect. At this time, to the child’s poor to see better, seize a little sometimes praise, encouragement. Parents should be specific to encourage, can not obviously did not test well, but said, you are great, it is unrealistic. Parents can tell the child, although you have so many questions, but you have a problem doing very well, or your silk surface is clean, let the children not to their Nothing is right. In this way, children can enhance self-confidence, when did not test well, dare to say to parents. Third, the integrity of the child education. Parents should give their children an example of honesty. For lying children, parents need to tell their children the dangers of lying and give them a chance to correct them. Fourth, moderate and reasonable punishment. Reasonable punishment is necessary, we can create some effective measures, such as reading a honest story, a copy of famous quotes honest, write a diary or discuss the honesty issues the article did not cancel an outing arrangement etc……. These methods can be used to punish the child’s dishonesty, but these punishments are sometimes mild and moderate, and do not hurt the child’s self-esteem and interest in learning. Today’s topic: what do you have for your children? Send your ideas to our WeChat public number Q treasure pioneer background, the opportunity to get a beautiful gift!相关的主题文章: