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Children who are willing to wait are more likely to succeed Psychological experts to reveal the truth behind – Sohu maternal and child crying, do not want to hold immediately? Do you want to buy a new toy when you want it? The child put forward a request, you have the ability to meet, do not immediately meet? Even if the first problem, your answer is "yes", after the two issue is not to make you some hesitation? Are you worried about your child being spoiled? And what worries you most may be: to meet all the requirements of the child, the child will not become a terrible person? By this time, you must have thought of Li Tianyi. In the process of his growth, his parents met all his desires, and even gave him the opportunity and resources can not get their peers. All this, instead of his achievements, but also let him go awry. This may strongly support you "". Today, let’s talk about instant gratification and delay gratification. In 1968 Michel, a psychologist, presided over a famous "marshmallow experiment", and two follow-up surveys were conducted 20 years later. Studies show that children who can afford to wait longer, that is, the ability to delay gratification, perform better in adolescence, and SAT (American college entrance examination) is better. It is this experiment that makes the majority of parents believe that the "delay of gratification" is right, the "success of the future", and thus delay the response to the needs of children in life. But in life, you may find that when you want to exercise "delay" of the child, with little success, is most likely the child cry, you angry temper, finally suffer. Why is this so? Maybe it’s because you’re ignoring some of the facts about the experiment: "the subject of delayed gratification" should be a child. We clearly see that the experiment, which is greater interest in the comparison, the child is to make their own judgments; whether to delay gratification, but also the decision made by the children themselves. In real life, a lot of delay satisfaction is based on parents’ judgment and parents’ decision. This difference may lead to "close difference". The experiment only describes the phenomenon that if a child develops a certain ability to delay gratification at the age of 4, he is more likely to be successful when he grows up. But it is not recommended for this ability, parents should be trained to delay the child to meet the delay, but did not provide the appropriate method. The experimental set of sweets, belonging to material satisfaction. Blindly to the material satisfaction of children, is easy to go wrong. But in fact you know? Most of the time, children have the same thing on the surface, it is likely that they really want to be seen, understood, emotional and emotional response. Unfortunately, many parents are mistaken for children "demanding", or only know hard to meet a tough crackdown, the results of the extreme, but did not always see the real needs of the child. The development of children’s self-control must be based on.相关的主题文章: