China announced a list of 24 people in the Syrian war, defeated barbarian days is not necessarily a

China announced a list of 24 people in the Syrian war, defeated barbarian days is not necessarily a bad thing! Sohu sports in the fight to finalize the Syrian war in Xi’an unchanged, the Chinese Football Association this morning officially announced the October 12 strong game of the latest National People’s Congress of the list of the top 24. Compared with the September two war, coach Gao Hongbo made some adjustments on the list, TEDA wing barbarian days unsuccessful, and the right to health will continue to be shortlisted for the sun. In September, China and South Korea War and the Iraq war, barbarian days is the only one in two games failed to enter the final list of 23 players for the striker, so this time he was not surprised. But in the Super League, barbarian days still maintained a good performance in October is a key stage of the points of the TEDA team to avoid relegation, so defeat the Orangemen are not the barbarian days and TEDA bad. At that time, a league will also enter the intermittent period, so the sun can not be selected for the right to play a number of key events. In addition, the veteran Zheng Zhi did not enter the list, it is also a veteran defender Dewey. The only previous international output large Hengda Zhang Lin? Feng Xiaoting, Huang Bowen, Li Xuepeng, and Gao Lin five named, Hebei Huaxia happiness in the introduction of renhang international, the number increased to three people, respectively, Dewey and Jiang Ning, Ren hang. Because the main goalkeeper Zeng Cheng in zhongyizhizhan injured, the Gao Hongbo recruited from Shanghai port Yan Junling, but from the current state of view, Suning Gu Chao and Guoan Yang Zhi expected to compete for the goalkeeper position. Zhang Chengdong Yu Dabao was named the national security. The first two games has a good performance of Liuyang teenager Zhang Yuning continued his finalists, will become an important weapon of the "Military" the impact of the Syria team and Uzbekistan team. According to the plan, the Orangemen will be at the end of this week, the twenty-sixth round of the Super League after the October 2nd rally in Wuhan, flew to Xi’an for the October 6th war in syria. For the country, these three points can be said to be determined to win. A country full list of 24 people: Guangzhou Hengda: Feng Xiaoting, Zhang Lin, Huang Bowen, Li Xuepeng, Gao Lin? Shanghai: Wu Lei, Yu Hai, Cai Huikang, Hong Kong, Shandong Luneng Yan Junling: Hao Junmin, Zhao Mingjian, Yang Xu, Yang Zhi, Zhang Xizhe, Beijing Guoan Zhang Chengdong Jiangsu Suning: Wu Xi, Zhang Xiaobin, Gu Chao Guangzhou R & F: Jiang Zhipeng Hebei: Huaxia happiness Jiang Ning, Ren hang, Dewey Tianjin right to health: Sun Ke Holland Vites: Zhang Yuning相关的主题文章: