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Marine observation equipment – China’s super scientists complete recovery record El Nino Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Qingdao (reporter Zhang Xudong) in October 30, the comprehensive expedition ship "Ocean Science in China" No. 30, completed a 40 day expedition voyage back in the west coast of Qingdao new port. This voyage, Chinese scientists have successfully recovered in the Western Pacific, continuous work three pressure more than two years of inverse echo instrument, they recorded the last super El Nino, from the beginning to the end of the outbreak of the whole process. Voyage chief scientist Zhou Hui said pressure type inverse echo instrument through acoustic signal reflection, can obtain the seawater temperature and salinity data, scientists can then change the sea surface height and current. These continuous observational data have important reference value to the study of El Nino phenomenon. El Nino is the origin of the Western Pacific, the pressure echo echo collection of continuous temperature data directly reflects the El Nino brought about by changes in sea water temperature. In addition, the ocean current has a great influence on the climate, and the data of ocean current and sea level changes derived from the data collected from the pressure echo sounder are also important for the study of El nino." Zhou Hui said, "in addition, the inverse pressure type echo instrument is a complete record of the process of transformation to the El Nino La nina." Chinese at Sea Institute Yuan Dongliang introduced three pressure type inverse echo instrument in September 2014 put the cloth on the cloth, respectively, 4 degrees north latitude, 6 degrees and 8 degrees, the depth of over 5000 meters. Reporters saw in the science laboratory, three pressure echo echo instrument installed in the diameter of about 40 cm of the white floating ball. It is understood that this voyage also achieved our first inverted echo sounder in the deep ocean pressure recovery. Scientific research vessel of the implementation of the National Natural Science Foundation of China in 2016, the Western Pacific Voyage open sharing projects, major national scientific research plan project "global warming under the ocean and its response to climate in East Asia and offshore carbon storage effect", Chinese Academy of Sciences marine pilot special "tropical West Pacific Ocean material and energy exchange system and the influence of" three project joint voyage, set out from Qingdao on September 20th. Yuan Dongliang introduction, this voyage, the expedition staff successfully using CTD instrument at 130 degrees east longitude near the sea to carry out a large section of the full depth survey, more than 5000 meters deep. In addition, Chinese scientists are still on this voyage were three domestic underwater glider in the sea trial. "Three water by China has independently developed the glider in the water 48 day voyage, which one of the longest continuous voyage of 19 days, and all recovered successfully." Yuan Dongliang said, this shows that our own developed underwater glider with large-scale use of the conditions."相关的主题文章: