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China university research institute a "G12 Wuhan consensus" – Beijing, Beijing, October 23 Wuhan Xinhua (reporter Ai Qiping) the second session of the China College Research Institute Conference 23 held in Wuhan, "the Wuhan consensus meeting reached G12". The conference was organized by the Chinese Academy of Higher Education Research Institute, Huazhong Normal University, Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, the theme of the construction of China’s colleges and universities mission, mission and path". Report by the head of the Social Sciences Department of the Ministry of education. From 12 universities of Peking University, Nanjing University, Fudan University and other research institute who attended the meeting, and agreed on the location, China University Research Institute high goals, construction tasks, consensus as follows: first, research institute is to solve the system of subject division system due to problems of interdisciplinary research of the new form of self innovation China, is to deepen the reform of colleges and universities, to improve the quality of higher education starting point. Two, the construction of the institute should stimulate the internal driving force of the school, the discipline, the scholar, and shoulder the important mission of management innovation, organization innovation and academic innovation. Three, there are mainly two types of research institutes, one is the interdisciplinary entity research institutions, one is the interdisciplinary research organization platform. Both have their own advantages, which are worth further exploration and improvement. Four, Research Institute for positioning high level and high level, in order to solve the problem of the system, to build a high-end platform, gathering talents, innovative research methods, explore the comprehensive problems, create a good style of study is the core content of construction. Five, high research institute should focus on the major social needs, the implementation of the strategy, make an inventory of the stock of interdisciplinary strategy, ahead of the layout strategy, way of study and solve comprehensive problem with interdisciplinary, collaborative organization to improve the high output, high level of achievement, cultivate high-level talents, strive for the goal of building high level of honor. (end)相关的主题文章: