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Chinese medicine nursed back to health — elderly women havingchildren secret – Sohu in the entertainment news of some healthy elderly actress gave birth to the baby comes in Rene Liu’s 45 year old son, Jane Chen, 48 year old twins, 47 year old Annie Yi gave birth to a baby girl. In fact, older actress birth is not only the entertainment news, also represents the current social phenomenon. With the implementation of the two child policy, more and more elderly women, seize the opportunity to rush on the last train. Women over the age of 35 pregnant and even a child is an advanced maternal age, pregnancy and production process are accompanied by high risk. So we are very curious, how to succeed in the age of children? We look at how many of their pregnant and pregnant on the road has experienced many ups and downs, but also proved that the age of children is not so simple. Then we have to look older stars made man success secret secret weapon – "Chinese medicine nursed back to health". Chinese medicine is the precious wealth of our ancestors passed down for thousands of years, Chinese medicine conditioning and treatment of infertility, recurrent spontaneous abortion and other diseases have the role of There is nothing comparable to this. Chinese medicine with soothing liver and reinforcing kidney, benefiting qi and activating blood circulation method to improve women’s physique, improve egg quality, improve the endometrial environment conducive to successful pregnancy. Many stars are also relying on traditional Chinese medicine conditioning successful breeding baby. Gigi Leung made for people and her husband often see Chinese medicine, eating Chinese medicine, it is said that she also had a day to eat five packs of traditional Chinese medicine. The song "Titanic" singer actress Celion Dion, at the age of 42 by IVF pregnancy birth twins, she revealed by the media, after receiving the acupuncture therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, daily body acupuncture combined with ear acupuncture treatment to help the pregnant. The 47 year old actress Annie Yi gave birth to a baby girl, pregnancy is going through hardships, the story behind the tears. She was due to low ovarian function, a few test tube baby to help pregnant failed. Later began to cooperate with Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine combined with acupuncture treatment. This is an American doctor’s advice, including the most famous HRC reproductive medicine center, western medicine that acupuncture can activate the development of eggs Annie Yi in the unremitting efforts, combined with traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, vitamin supplements, the law of life, proper exercise, good physical condition, "don’t take eggs, no injections, no longer wait, little monkey came himself". She realized her want Mr. Qin feel good wishes movement, gave birth to daughter small grain. Acupuncture is based on infertility patients constitution, different acupoints, syndrome differentiation, is a natural therapy, worthy of the name of safety, no side effects, can assist IVF pregnancy, improve the pregnancy rate. I center in cooperation with the Peking University Health Science Center academician Han Jisheng team, using transcutaneous electrical stimulation treatment of modern, namely "EA", safety, no pain, no side effects, the conditioning can enhance ovarian and uterine blood supply, improve the quality and quantity of eggs, especially in embryo transplantation before and after acupuncture conditioning, can improve the pregnancy success rate of about 30%. For the birth of a new life, all the costs are worth it. Congratulations also bless them. Wish all the couples struggle in Qiuzi road as soon as possible, a good pregnancy. :相关的主题文章: