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Womens-Issues Are diamonds really every girl’s best friend? Maybe some prefer pearls, while others might be emotionally attached to their birthstone. Some might be drawn to a regional or cultural favorite, like turquoise in the southwest. Some believe that certain stones have healing powers, such as that hematite can banish headaches. When you are choosing jewelry as a gift for someone, it is a very personal item, one that, when they wear it, will reflect their personality and values to others. What do different jewelry items say about you? One thing you should keep in mind is that jewelry is part of your outfit and overall appearance, so just as you buy clothing that flatters your shape and cut your hair to flatter your face, jewelry should highlight your beautiful parts in addition to being beautiful itself. If you, or the person you’re buying for, has short, stubby fingers, large rings are not a good idea, and steering clear of rings in general is probably a good bet unless you’re looking for engagement or wedding rings. People with long faces should stick to stud earrings or small hoops, since dangling earrings, while trendy, will emphasize the length of the face. When thinking about body parts to adorn, don’t limit yourself. Those blessed with taut midriffs can wear belly button rings. If you are buying for someone with thicker wrists, or whose work or lifestyle might be slowed down by a bracelet, maybe an ankle bracelet would be a good alternative. Different gemstones are believed by many to have personalities of their own, or make strong statements about the personality of the person wearing them. Birthstones are related to the month that you are born, which in astrology and other practices determine some of your personality traits. The symbolism of many gemstones is often similar to attributes that we associate with the color of the gemstone. For example, red is often considered to be a color of passion and love, and rubies, which are red, have the same connotation. Meanwhile, blue is usually associated with innocence, and so are blue sapphires. Another consideration is shape. Jewelry is beautiful for two reasons, one, for the natural beauty of the material it is made from and two, for what the artist renders in it. Gold and silver chains and other jewelry .e in varying patterns and thicknesses. Gemstones are cut and placed in settings that .plement their natural features. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: