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Reference-and-Education Are you a straight As student? Do you have an average GPA of 4.0? Then this article is not for you. Please read the title again. It is college preparation for average students. And no I am not joking. It is possible! The very first thing that .es to our mind when we hear the word scholarships is that it is for quintessentially for scholars right? Wrong. You could not be farther from the truth. Scholarships , financial aids , grants , or by whatever name you put it, for colleges, depends solely upon the sponsor. It depends upon what kind of abilities the sponsor is looking for in you that will make you deserve to use his money. Although intelligence quotient .prises a large percentage of the abilities being talked about here, not all of them are looking for straight As students. In fact a staggering 95% of the students in our country have an average grade score of a B at the very best. But this by no means suggests that all hopes are gone for these students. So if you are one of these students who has been spending sleepless nights , tossing and turning in your bed wondering how to pay for your college education, Do not worry! It is very much possible for you to find financial aid for your college. There are actually many ways by which you can get the money for the college of your choice. The problem is not about implementing them, the problem is knowing about them, because there are very few people who know about it themselves! The reason why I had .e to know about them because a few years ago even I was in the same soup in which you are today. But let us see the information I came across: 1. Firstly. Get this into your head that there are scholarships and grants available, and you need not have an average GPA of 4.0 to get it. 2. Secondly: Good news for all girls out there! Are you a woman? Do you belong to any minority group? Are you a working mom? Or are you a single mother? Rejoice! It is easier for you to get a scholarship if you fulfill the above criteria. But this does not mean that that there are no options available for those men who do not belong to any minority group. There are many options available for you. 3. Thirdly, try looking for information regarding scholarships on government websites. Our government offers a number of educational scholarships and you need not be Einstein in order to qualify for them. A particular website where a lot of information regarding this can be found is the governments’ website, FAFSA. is the website where you can go and apply for the Pell Grant scholarship. Are you into teaching? Then there is a special $4000 grant available just for your taking. And the best part about a grant is you need not bother about its repayment! 4. What you must remember is that the government is not the only place where you can find the money to fund your college. There are a number of private .anizations today. They provide free grant and scholarship to the amount of millions of dollars each year for students to pay their college fees. There are many websites that collect all the information about private scholarships. They also offer great advice on how you can qualify for the various scholarships that are available. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: