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UnCategorized Improper dieting and lack of exercises is surely having an impact in our health. Among the most prominent health maladies being witnessed today in our society, hypertension probably ranks the highest. Very many people are today plagued by the incidences of high blood pressure. Luckily for those with the condition and those wiling to prevent it, milk protein has turned out to be an effective cure of hypertension. Hypertension usually results after cholesterol levels in the body rise and occupy the veins that transport blood. While in the veins, they form a coating to the inner surface of the vein. The more cholesterol one takes in, the more is stocked in the veins. Soon enough, the coating grows and blocks the passage of blood or reduces the free space for blood access. This means that the heart has to pump blood faster and stronger, to get it going. That causes blood pressure. Cholesterol also hampers the functioning of the heart in that, vast volumes surround the heart by and by. Within no time, the heart is constricted in its own chamber and cannot work well. Extensive research and tests have been conducted on milk protein for a while now. Recently however, scientist concluded that the C12 component of milk actually lowers levels of bad cholesterol in the body. C12 is a section of the protein derived from whole milk. According to the research studies published in the Journal of Science last year, C12 lowers cholesterol levels in the body up to 40% within a month. Buying all the milk at the grocer’s cooler won’t get you cured, though. You have to drink several gallons of milk before you accumulate adequate levels of C12. Then again, milk comes with salt and fats so before you accumulate adequate levels of C12, you will have lots of salt and fat in your body. In milk processing and in fermentation, several bioactive peptides are synthesised. The same peptides are produced in our digestive system during milk digestion. These bioactive peptides are actually protein fragments that separate from milk protein during such processes. The bioactive peptides are now believed to trigger low blood pressure by reducing the bad cholesterol clogged in the veins. The tests were primarily conducted in cats and dogs, before being used on human subjects. Incidentally, the working principle of bioactive peptides is similar to that of ACE inhibitors used to control effects of cholesterol. To accumulate adequate levels of C12 in the body until the bioactive peptides have an effect on your cholesterol, it is important that you take the milk protein supplements. FDA has already commissioned studies to project how the peptides can be added to normal foods in concentrated form. Further research needs to collaborate these initial findings on how the C12 can be used as a treatment of high blood pressure. For now, supplements of milk proteins are the best avenue towards accumulating helpful levels of C12. Besides lowering cholesterol levels, C12 is also an already established treatment for allergies and low immune system. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: