Constellation Capricorn heart hanging non wife with his mother to sleep (Figure) peepsamurai

Constellation: Capricorn heart hanging non wife with his mother to sleep (Figure 26) Capricorn mom treasure! Report to the family every day, where to go back! To live with him, the Capricorn lives to be lived with his mother! I rely! Capricorn and his girlfriend also lived together for 3 years! Why don’t you live with me! Sina users love to sing at the Sina constellation Capricorn wife hanging out with his mother because of non sleep noisy every day and don’t live together, then we are staying in a hotel in the field, because he just graduated not how much money I don’t have much money to rent. Later, he did not live with me, has been an excuse to say to go home to live, but his family is really very strict with him, he was living with me before and his family called to say in the home or live in the home. But after 2 years of good and broke up a few months, but also reconciled, but I want to live with him, he said his family did not ask him to come out to live, I say you do not love me, I am not interested. He said it wasn’t about this. Because he was listening to his family, I the middle of our quarrel I uttered his family several times, also send text messages and what his family quarrel, so his family tube is more strict, he is 26, every day to go home to his family clock. Oh, my God, I’m going to crash. I forced him down tonight. I finally said after years back or cohabitation broke up we never expect to find me. But he said you don’t do so, really can’t live together, my family don’t want me to go out to live. He said so pressing, after living together have? Said the house is not that I want to come back. Send dozens of messages after he said you want to force me to we don’t have, it had not had enough, that there is so pressing? In fact, I would like to try, I do not want to live together, just want him to live in a house, I can go back to find him, do not want every time we are in the hotel. He had a house that was sold to his relatives 6 years ago, and now he comes back to me. So he wants to in our city development so I want to back to the house, he can come back to live alone, but for 2 years did not want to come back to back, he said you can live, but the premise is not I’m in trouble to change him. I am a woman suspicious a very explosive temper particularly heavy, I am a Scorpio especially hate deception, he is capricorn. I am angry love not to beat him, before you go to his company to blow up a few times, he forgave, what he did not want to care about, make he quit the job 2. This time I trouble he has to resign, because of the bad and I know he will forgive me, as long as I give you. Oh, but I think he is still so love me? Why don’t you live with me? I think it is purely an excuse, even if his family does not want him to come out to live, but you really want to live with me, you can and your family confrontation, you are willing to your family can you? Right? Big guy I want to break up? I am very uncomfortable! But I can not bear the feelings of more than 8, he is my first man, I was his first woman is still a love! We’ve been together for so long, we’ve been together for less than a year! He’s still in college?相关的主题文章: