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Cruel! 4 year old girl was playing the mother of intracranial hemorrhage – Sohu news forensic injury, 4 year old girl was minor level photograph of Suzhou broadcasting a 4 year old girl was injured, sent to the Children’s Hospital Affiliated to Suzhou University rescue "news recently spread to raise a Babel of criticism of the" killer ", the little girl’s mother. Yesterday, the modern express reporter confirmed from the Taicang public security, the little girl is indeed caused by his mother beaten intracranial hemorrhage. At present, the mother has been under criminal detention by the police. The reason behind the birth of the child so cruel, it was her husband gambling debt, resulting in her mood irritability mental pressure. Modern express ZAKER reporter He Jie Nanjing girl multiple injuries, the doctor alarm in the evening of November 5th, the little girl was sent to the Taicang City People’s Hospital Yan Moumou rescue. Doctors found that the daughter of intracranial hemorrhage, brain contusion, multiple skin contusion injury, soft tissue injury, there are many old injuries, suspected of domestic violence, the doctor called the police. The little girl was seriously injured, the little girl was transferred to Children’s Hospital Affiliated to Suzhou University Park institute. That night, the Taicang Municipal Public Security Bureau police station development zone to dispose of, that Yan Moumou 28 years old, Jiangsu, Funing, there are two daughters. After verification, Yan Moumou and her husband temporarily floating in Taicang. Yan Moumou is a tailor, she admitted to the children, this is not the first time she played a small daughter, since October, she kicked up, slap on the face, pushing, wire and other ways to beat repeatedly beaten little daughter. She said the Dunning people harassment pressure zone police station will be the case to the police station to dispose of Kingnet. Police investigation. According to Yan Moumou said, her small daughter is mainly because the husband addicted to gambling, owed hundreds of thousands of yuan, Dunning people often harassed her, causing her to feel irritable mental stress, plus a small daughter often to the toilet in my pants, also put on his body and bed. 5 evening, police in urging, the father rushed to the hospital to accompany children cared for by her father and other relatives. After forensic identification, the child was a minor injury. The police also carried on Yan Moumou temporary office investigation, visits to their neighbors, the landlord, and contact the local women’s Federation organizations involved in anti domestic violence. November 6th, Yan Moumou alleged abuse by the guardian, was under criminal detention, the relevant investigation is still in progress. Lawyers say a crime of abuse or sentenced psychological expert analysis, the Yan Moumou their children would be under the ruthless hand, because the child is the crystallization of Yan Moumou and her husband, the child, reflecting something husband, in the great mental pressure, she will transfer to the child of her husband’s hate, sometimes very crazy. Jiangsu Litai lawyer Wang Fei introduced between family members if there is abuse, bad circumstances constitute maltreatment, may be sentenced to two years imprisonment or criminal detention. However, it is very difficult to obtain evidence and burden of proof because of this. Wang Fei analysis, in general, tend to be more subtle acts of abuse, the law was also investigated less.相关的主题文章: