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Dali Jianchuan, Simon Street for years and the vicissitudes of life – Sohu Travel Inn right is a very deep lane, it was the day before yesterday evening from another intersection in Jianchuan a Horse Inn, the surrounding environment is not very familiar with, they walk out early in the morning, I seem to walk into history and time, all of a sudden surprise! I don’t know what is the oldest in Jianchuan Simon Street, this is the Jianchuan County some streets, seemingly tattered, vicissitudes of life helpless, but its glory has gone through more than and 500 years, up to now there are nine buildings of the Ming Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty building many, all hidden in this city streets and wells, unfortunately I did not know at this time. First let me surprise is not these old buildings and tactful streets, but every door stickers on the antithetical couplet. Did not care, with no where not antithetical couplet, stick, especially during the Spring Festival, every family should be posted, is mainly the Jianchuan Bai, they especially love to stick on, writing is auspicious and look forward to the text in the house and the door, I’m not a sensible man. I found that there are artificial writing antithetical couplet, instead of printing products to buy, not only manual writing, household contents are different, are written in different ways, in addition to seek peace, mostly advised people to emphasize the importance of reading or reading. If there are weddings and funerals, more charm and his poetic couplet. Let me see the antithetical couplet culture massiness and Jianchuan general that the streets of human history has made me curious, I want to go to see, as an early shopping man walked into a courtyard. Don’t want to go into a convent. The old man told me that the building is the Qing Dynasty, with a history of 200 years, until before the cultural revolution or a nun and incense. When the Cultural Revolution destroyed the Buddha, the nun disbanded, several nuns have no place was faithful secretly shelter, until dead. The old man said that he was moved here in 70s to live, now want to restore the masses around the temple, tenants are also willing to let out, but need millions of dollars but cannot raise, if not repaired, this old house is not very long. In fact, such a dilapidated old house, there are a lot of Simon Street, elsewhere may be the relics, but Jianchuan County history is too heavy, too much, just silently "dry" in there. There is a schoolbag in the courtyard student entry, curious in see a child in the hair, he said on the edge of the Jianchuan in high school, the students are here to rent, convenient to read. In fact, many houses did not live, some outside work, some moved into the building, the old house is not comfortable, only some old people still cling to the… Kawa Akitada temple was built in 1629, Xu Xiake had to worship, and travel records. Now the national level cultural relics protection unit. But it’s being repaired. You can’t go in. Look at the Jianchuan woodcarving craft, beautiful! A paste like Chairman Mao to break on the gable, caught my attention, I am curious into the family. The room is very messy, with several like Chairman mao. The host warmly welcomed me into the room and asked me what I wanted to do with the chairman.相关的主题文章: