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Do not have the official call to learn why will suffer? – Henan channel — original title: Chinese Youth Daily: the collapse of the people official called   turn on the TV at night, a piece of news captions let me look after one Leng: "Nanjing × × vice president of the college." I remind the producer’s friend: the leadership of the college should be the president, vice president, rather than the president, vice president. The producers soon reply: his identity is written by the hospital provided by the hospital is also the vice president of the express release. The hospital explained, they are unified in the administrative document written as "President", but for the difference and two colleges, other places are generally referred to as "the headmaster". This reply is revealed at least three information: one is that universities are eager to upgrade to undergraduate college, college to be renamed the University, if not promoted, verbal to shout, to meet you, such as vice president of the college "". Two, no wonder the deputy director Mark "level" in the name card, the director has marked "deputy department", for fear of being despised. Three, no wonder to the administration of colleges and universities, has a long way to go, a little called too many people tangled, if involved behind the identity of salary, it is also terrible! The official name, there is no textbook, no tutorial of esoteric knowledge, word of mouth, into a "official call to learn". In many places, without this knowledge, some people will suffer. Here are a few examples: first, a service organization, leaders and deputy of the same surname, surname wang. Dinner, two people present at the same time, call difficult, "deputy" shout out, may be a bit disappointing; shout "the king" "Wang", some ridicule, in fact, the "King" than "Wang" age. Some people take the name and a last word, Ming general, army general. Fortunately, this word is different. Second, a bureau of the party divided, the Secretary and the Secretary of the Party committee despise each other, do not buy it. One day, the county Party Secretary, signed, "please read the Secretary of a department director, heart unhappy, I am also the Bureau leaders, by what I read? Natural file shelf. One day later, cadres meeting, Secretary presided, intended to highlight the identity: Please bureau Party committee, director of × × × speech. Director of complexion, a microphone, go off in a huff. Third, a chief officer, to the age of transfer, the other as a director of the CPPCC National Committee, but not in. Before the Spring Festival, held a gathering activities, the current leadership — visit local retired veteran comrades. The news release him in the "old leader……" The list, the old leadership annoyed: I am still not CPPCC office, how? In-depth study of the evolution of the official oral address and the law behind, it is estimated that everyone has to shout, baby collapse". (  Wang Pei, Yang Xiaona: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: