Do You Know How To Manage Your Human Energy System Balancing Your Heart

Self-Improvement Do you feel isolated, experiencing the pain and ache of loneliness, and believe that no one understands you? Are you mourning the loss of a dear one, or nursing a broken heart? The 4th Energy Center or the Heart Chakra is located in the center of your chest. The heart chakra influences your experience with love, self acceptance, touch, .passion, devotion and forgiveness. The three lower chakras, the root, sacral and solar plexus pertain mainly to your experience with the physical world. The three upper chakras, the throat, the third eye and crown are concerned mainly with your mental and spiritual experiences, while the Heart Chakra bridges and connects the upper and lower chakras. If there is a block of the energy that flows between the solar plexus and the heart chakra or between the heart and the throat chakra there will be an imbalance in your energy system. Your first requirement in your growth is to embody the personal attributes of the first three chakras so that they be.e a part of your life. However enlightenment is a spiritual journey where we learn to walk in .passion and unconditional love. These two attributes of unconditional love and .passion are the qualities that are associated with the heart chakra. You may not realize that there are conditions attached to love. You expect that in romantic love the person that you love returns your love. Parental love also has expectations of their children. Unconditional love on the other hand gives love to any and everyone without any thought of return. When the heart chakra is fully opened, you the channel for Universal Love to flow through you. Touch is a quality that is associated with the heart chakra, and although we touch with our hands we reach out from our heart and also receive from our heart. When the energy in the heart chakra is blocked we either find it difficult to give love or receive it. There needs to be a balance of both, in the giving and the receiving of love. When the heart chakra is unbalanced, the very core of you undergoes pain and suffering. Your breathing is low, and your mind and body feels separated. Here are some ways to bring your heart chakra into balance: .Release the energy of the emotions that you are experiencing as they surface up, by using some release techniques. .Green or pink are the colours of the heart chakra. .Gems stones: Ruby, Rose Quartz, Emerald, Green Jade, Kunzite .Essential oils: Rose, Bergamot and the less well known Inula, Melissa and Jasmine. . Bergamot opens the heart chakra and helps the love energy to radiate out. . Inula is a delicate pale green colour, brings moral courage and assists those who are afraid to acknowledge their own highest gifts and exercise them to the fullest extent. .Melissa is valuable where there is an energy block between the Solar Plexus and the heart. .Jasmine warms the heart chakra through its connection to both the sacral and brow chakras as a point of balance between the upper and lower chakra. Place your hand on your heart as you repeat these statements .I am safe to give and receive love .I am safe feeling my feelings .I acknowledge my own loveliness .I am willing to love everything about myself .I am loved Are you willing to listen to the prompting of your heart and the small still voice? What are it’s messages to you? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: