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Such a self pharmaceutical porter for 100 thousand ecstasy tablets – Sohu news recently, Conghua police after six months of investigation, destroyed a large system of drug manufacturing dens, arrested 3 suspects and seized drug manufacturing about 40 kilograms, 88 kilograms of raw materials, the case is Conghua in recent years, the largest number of drug cases and seized. Seized 40 kilograms of ecstasy last September, Conghua police get a clue, a man trying to enter the Conghua sales of ecstasy, and the huge amount of disposable delivery of 100 thousand ecstasy. Conghua police set up a task force, after two months of investigation to grasp the real identity of the drug dealer information, the suspect Liang (male, 53 years old, Guangzhou city), in 2006 because of drug manufacturing was sentenced to 8 years, released at the end of 2013. "Liang" a number of drug trafficking each large, more than thousands of grains, less also have hundreds of grains, and frequent activities." Police investigators, they judge Liang has suspected drug manufacturers, or behind the supply home. The ad hoc group of police deployed to dig, the suspect Liang "home" Dongmou (male, 56 years old, Guangzhou people) surfaced. Police officers found that a large amount of ecstasy shipped, and often to some medical equipment and chemical supplies shop to buy some daily life can not use the chemical raw materials and equipment tools. The police on Dongmou all-weather track followed up to 4 months. In March 25th, the police arrested Dong and his accomplice Feng Mou (Dong’s girlfriend), and seized a drug ecstasy about 40 kilograms in Dong’s residence in Haizhuqu District, 88 kg of raw materials for precursor production, a large number of various types of drug manufacturing tools. Subsequently, the police will Liang also arrested. Pharmaceutical manufacturers self taught drug trial, Dongmou confessed that he was a porter of pharmaceutical companies, and later Dongmou think pharmaceutical is not difficult, he sprouted his attempt to do ecstasy ideas. In March 2014, Dong bought a batch of instruments and raw materials by himself, and opened a small room in his family, and began to try to produce drugs. "Drug manufacturing room" is about 20 square meters, windows closed, do not let the smell spread suspicion." Police investigators said, after six months of experiments, Dongmou actually made ecstasy, so began to find drug trafficking offline. At the end of 2013, Dong had a precursor to a beam of distant relatives, just released from prison, two people hit it off. And Dong also with his girlfriend Feng together, began to sell ecstasy. At present, Dongmou and other 3 suspects have been detained by police, and the case is under further investigation. [reading] Conghua: more than half of the cases solved by video surveillance, yesterday morning, the Conghua Municipal Public Security Bureau held a press conference, vice mayor of Conghua, public security bureau director Liu Gang notified the relevant measures of Conghua police in recent years. Liu Gang introduced, after 2012, Conghua police focus on strengthening "access control + video" security system, in 3 years, more than 1.1 new cameras, including HD probe more than 900. In recent three years, Conghua has used video surveillance system to uncover 520 cases annually, providing more than 3100 valuable clues. At present, Conghua grassroots faction Han

药厂搬运工自学制毒 一次供10万粒摇头丸-搜狐新闻  近期,从化警方经过半年侦查,捣毁了一个特大制贩毒窝点,抓获制毒嫌疑人3人,缴获毒品摇头丸约40公斤,制毒原料88公斤,该案是从化近年来现场缴获毒品数量最多的案件。   缴获40公斤摇头丸   去年9月,从化警方获取一条举报线索,一名男子试图进入从化销售摇头丸,且数量巨大,可一次性供货10万粒摇头丸。   从化警方成立专案组,经过两个月的侦查掌握到该毒贩的真正身份信息,嫌疑人梁某(男,53岁,广州市人),2006年因制毒被判处有期徒刑8年,于2013年底刑满释放。   “梁某每次贩毒数量较大,多则几千粒,少也有几百粒,且活动频繁。”办案民警介绍,他们判断梁某有制毒嫌疑,或背后还有供货上家。   专案组加派警力深挖,嫌疑人梁某的“上家”董某(男,56岁,广州市人)浮出水面。办案民警发现董某的摇头丸出货量巨大,且经常到一些医药设备和化工用品店购买一些日常生活中用不到的化学原料和设备工具。   办案民警对董某进行了长达4个月的全天候跟踪盯梢。3月25日,民警一举抓获董某及其同伙冯某(董某的女友),并在董某位于海珠区的住处内缴获毒品摇头丸约40公斤,制毒原料88公斤,各类制毒工具大批。随后,警方将梁某也抓获归案。   药厂搬运工自学制毒   经审讯,董某供述,他曾是药厂的一名搬运工,后来董某觉得制药并不难,便萌生了自己尝试做摇头丸的想法。   2014年3月许,董某自行购买了一批器械与原材料,在家中辟出了一个小房间,开始尝试制毒。“制毒房间约为20平方米,窗户封闭,不让气味传出惹人怀疑。”办案民警说,历经半年的实验,董某竟然真的制成了摇头丸,于是开始寻找贩毒的下线。   而2013年底,董某曾因制毒入狱的远房亲戚梁某,恰好刑满释放,两人一拍即合。而董某也和女友冯某一起,开始销售摇头丸。目前,董某等3名犯罪嫌疑人已被警方刑拘,案件正在进一步审查中。   [数读]   从化:过半案件侦破 依靠视频监控   昨日上午,从化市公安局召开局长新闻发布会,从化市副市长、公安局局长刘岗通报了近年来从化警方的相关举措。刘岗介绍,2012年以后,从化警方着力强化“门禁+视频”安防体系,在3年时间内新建摄像头1 .1万多个,其中高清探头900多个。近三年,从化利用视频监控系统年均破获案件520宗,提供有价值线索3100余条。目前,从化基层派出所有近50%的案件侦破与视频监控获取的资料有关。五年来,从化市案件持续下降,2014年刑事治安案件类警情较2010年减少5124宗,下降了31 .4%。   采写:南都记者 谢亮辉 高贵彬 通讯员 从公宣 岑柏瀚相关的主题文章: