During the national day of Zhoushan cross sea bridge, the maximum flow rate or over 60 thousand time www.8008205555

During the national day of Zhoushan cross sea bridge, the maximum flow rate or over 60 thousand times in September 28th reporters from Zhoushan high-speed traffic police detachment was informed that during the national day, Zhoushan bridge 7 block (including) the following small ordinary passenger highway toll free policy, in time for the October 1st 0 to October 7th 24. High speed traffic prediction, the 7 day holiday total traffic may have a larger growth, the daily maximum traffic flow or will exceed 60 thousand times, 3 times the traffic is usually. According to the forecast, three days before the national holiday traffic will increase day by day, October 3rd to 4 reached the peak, especially at 8 in the morning to 12 into the island traffic density; 6 to 7 will be out of the island return peak, 2 pm to 7 pm traffic is relatively dense. The road traffic accident easy to jam, must pay attention to high-speed traffic congestion and accident prone to summarize the previous National Day holiday sections: one is the Jiaochuan interchange to Zhoushan direction 10 km road. Due to this section of the vehicle all the way to focus on the two lanes, road vehicles easily saturated, slow passage, easy to cause accidents. The two is the main channel of Zhoushan Jintang Bridge, here is the uphill road, and affected by the cross wind, prone to accidents. Three is the golden pond toll station to the direction of Zhoushan after the ramp 1 km road. This road is uphill corners, and Xihoumen Bridge, beautiful scenery, the driver easily distracted, and even the passengers get off tour phenomenon, prone to multi car rear end accident, causing injuries. Four is the Taoyaomen bridge, xiangjiaomen bridge, Cengang bridge connecting line of two lane, the road bends and anxious, and accompanied by a steep slope, poor vision, such as speeding, change behavior, easily lead to accidents. Five is the Plaza Shuangqiao toll station. Due to limited import lane, square capacity is insufficient, especially with the city of the first traffic light distance of only 300 meters, traffic lights and traffic intersection will "intrusion" to the toll gate, led the charge station square vehicle saturation. These methods, you can go "accelerated" during the national day, Zhoushan bridge more vehicles, may lead to the slow speed, high-speed traffic police advice, avoid driving on the bridge to change, with, in order to avoid accident. If there is a small accident, should immediately turn on the hazard lights, photographed the scene of the accident with a mobile phone or camera angles, try to put the vehicle parked in the emergency parking area safety, shoulder area, or leave the highway, not a long time to occupy the main lane. At the same time, call alarm call (0580) 12122 for help. In the traffic flow increased significantly, to Putuo District (Mount Putuo), Daishan vehicles from Cengang high-speed toll station, walk to the highway along the North Road 329, to avoid peak traffic. If the Zhoushan cross sea bridge caused by traffic accidents is too large or long time line, Zhoushan vehicles from Dinghai duck hill Ferry Pier to Ningbo through the white peak pier, this is the choice to Ningbo or south of the vehicle better.相关的主题文章: