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The Tang and Song Dynasties, jade exquisite workmanship Ma museum curator of the Song Dynasty Jade Museum of Tibetan Song Dynasty dog lying on the jade carving flying Museum collection of Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes cave 172nd Tang Tang Dynasty ancient jade Pipa Hu flying with Kua (Figure 1) of the Tang Dynasty lion jade belt in the Shaanxi History Museum (figure three) deep spot in Tang Dynasty Jade (Figure two) the arm ring (Figure four) Liao jade dogs 5 cm long "Taipei the Imperial Palace Museum" in the Ming Dynasty jade color with Tibetan dog lying the Imperial Palace Museum in Song Dynasty Jade Bird boy play 6 cm high the Imperial Palace Museum of the song Dynasty white jade pendant Tong 6 cm high the Imperial Palace Museum Chinese ancient worship jade culture. By the Tang and Song Dynasties, by the impact of social and cultural, jade has new features and changes. The two dynasties of Tang and Song dynasties were a period of great prosperity in Chinese feudal society, especially in the field of culture. Tang and Song Dynasties more secular culture and meet the needs of Shang and Zhou dynasties of Han Dynasty and jade culture, from the process to the jade Li deyu. After the Three Kingdoms, Jin, southern and Northern Dynasties social unrest in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the society gradually stabilized, the development of jade reached another peak, gradually diffused to the public. Thus, jade from popular folk ritual services to gradually. The Tang and Song Dynasties, jade, no longer meet etiquette culture, and more to meet the needs of secular culture, there are many pieces and has the function of. The cultural style of the Tang Dynasty Song Dynasty is passionate, delicate and graceful, but are endowed with new features and changes of the jade culture. The work was also more exquisite jade, social use is more extensive, with ornamental, practical and decorative. This is a jade dog dog in six pigs, sheep and cattle, horse, chicken, dog in the last one, occupies an important position in ancient agricultural society. Dogs are shaping the image in successive dynasties, this is the Song Dynasty Jade dogs, attitude is very peaceful, it prostrate on the ground, feet on the move, intended for people with a sell adorable gesture. Song Dynasty is a time of high quality of life. Jade dogs that people want peace and peaceful life. From the jade can be seen after the Tang and Song Dynasties very romantic Tang and Song Dynasties, jade gradually thorough folk, because this kind of jade in Han was almost invisible, even if there are animal images, and the jade is different, often the mark of this ritual, hand pieces more sustenance of a folk emotion. This is a flying jade. Chinese of flying image are very familiar with, Dunhuang nearly 500 caves, there are about 4500 of them flying, flying in the sky. Flying general painting two, respectively for the song and dance of God, Buddhism believes that day has 33 layers, can fly up all the gods. Chinese very romantic in the Tang Dynasty, this point can be seen from the sky. This is a very fine jade, although flying posture has become more plump, but they are still in the fly, to convey the good feelings. The concept of complex school 1 jade plate in the Tang Dynasty at least what grade officials can wear? Horse)相关的主题文章: