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The number of outbound travel eleven burst table of the three countries most people love to go to the Sohu with the arrival of the dew solar term financial, eleven long has the balance is insufficient, but I believe that many people still immersed in the leisure Shi Guangzhong. For small, this holiday, there are two things most unforgettable, one is the property market regulation policy one after another, just a few days, there were 19 city policy, this can not help but let Xiaobian sigh "prices really vulnerable"; two is to show the circle of friends "photography contest, although this small holiday left the Empire, suffering from haze and rain baptism, but this did not hinder my appreciation of the beauty of both at home and abroad. The following small series with a look at all those interesting, the national day tour this year. Every section will be blocked is the demand of Golden Week travel toll to 589 million people (September 30th, Hongqiao train station waiting hall flow waves. Source: surging News) looked at the spectacular huge crowds of people, estimated that many people have Tucao "deja vu, and every day will block the spectacle. But this is precisely the Chinese people’s desire for travel, as well as the arrival of the era of mass tourism. According to the China Tourism Research Institute predicted that this year’s National Day golden week domestic tourism market will receive 589 million passengers, more than 20 times more than 18 years ago. Such a huge crowd of tourists, confirms the people’s spending power is greatly improved. According to dig money and travel Ali jointly issued the "travel consumer report" data showed that tourism population per capita annual consumption of 9498 yuan to tourism, according to the Bureau of Statistics announced in 2015 the per capita disposable income of 1830 yuan to calculate, these tourists a year travel fee equivalent to the ordinary wages of 5.2 months, and every year travel expenses 1-2 million people travel in the crowd in the proportion is the highest. The surge in outbound taihan on fire with the improvement of living standards, coupled with the more abundant and convenient way to travel, outbound tourism has become the choice of people eleven indispensable holidays. According to the release of the donkey mother travel network "2016 National Day travel inventory report" (below called the "report") show that this year’s National Day outbound passengers is 2 times last year, Thailand, South Korea, Japan made the Chinese outbound tourism destinations of the top three, and tour the island, delicacy, buy buy buy is still the main purpose of travel in these countries. (source: ass mother travel), the "report" also pointed out that the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and other places tourists grew rapidly, many popular tourist routes continued hot, outbound tourism destination choice is more diversified. This is due to the national policy level favorable, like the United States this year is year of tourism, the governments of the two countries are very supportive of tourism exchange; on the other hand, visa makes continuous positive outbound travel more convenient, such as the United Arab Emirates in September on the launch of the landing visa policy; again, with the tour has become a necessity, more the pursuit of personalized travel, like in Eastern Europe, northern Europe and other popular destinations more original, local customs and practices more intense, can give visitors bring different travel experience. Lijiang won the domestic tour visitors to take a "peak" action (source: way cattle travel.相关的主题文章: