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Change-Management Enterprise architecture is a key part of the IT dominated environment of the present business world. It helps increase productivity, reduce costs and meet functional challenges in business enterprises. Therefore, demand for enterprise architects is growing in the IT industry. It is an expert enterprise architect who deals with the complexities spanning across business information, process and software. Simply, the importance of enterprise architecture is undeniable. The service of an enterprise architect is at the core of a business enterprise architecture. An enterprise architect plays a complex and dynamic role. He helps a business organization make better use of technology in implementing business strategies. He streamlines the business to ensure its improvement by aligning the material and human resources of the business with its objectives. He not only assist technology to support the business but also coordinates the efforts made by the employees of the business with the business objectives. Here are the main benefits of enterprise architecture for a business: Quality improvement Technology development Organization optimization Human resource management Profitable investment decision Effective business management Efficient business strategy execution In short, an enterprise architect enables a business to synchronize finance, technology, human resource, strategies and team efforts. The individual departments of a business enterprise can address the problems of their own. But an enterprise architect helps the owner address the problems across the entire organization. Technologically-enabled enterprise architecture itself is a business solution for businesses. Delivering and implementing a business solution in a more consistent and structured way is one of the chief responsibilities that an enterprise architect shoulders. Enterprise architecture and IT governance go hand in hand. By establishing the IT governance across the business, it serves as a framework for organizational structure, leadership, business processes and practices, etc. To mention the most important benefit of the service provided by an enterprise architect, he helps define and develop the information system architecture of a business setup. Training of employees to make them capable and proficient is an integral part of human resource management. Nowadays, technical ways of training are in focus. An enterprise architect helps run the training programs in a technical process. It prevents the wastage of material resources that, in turn, reduces the production costs for a business house. Thus, enterprise architecture is a boon for business organizations at different maturity levels. 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