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Expert: China Tibetan art collection market has gradually become the climate difference with western Beijing, China News Agency, Lhasa, September 3 (Yang Chengchen) said the art research experts, well-known Buddhist Cultural Relics Identification Chinese Art Research Institute Professor Jin Shen in Lhasa on 3 respondents, along with the trend of gradually formed, China Tibetan art collection market the international market of climate, in the West in the field has no difference. On the same day, the Chinese collectors association and the Tibet Collectors Association jointly held the Chinese Tibetan art collection culture (Lhasa) forum held in Tibet yak museum. As a witness to the formation of China’s Tibetan art collection market, promoters, Jin Shen told reporters that the development of the field began 20 years ago. At that time, the western academic circles, of understanding of Tibetan art far more than Chinese, China collectors can see the doorways are scanty. Not only that, at that time on the market of art information is full of mistakes, "because people do not understand the kind of collection," a good time these 20 years ago also. "." For the forum, Jin Shen said, once in the auction market with several million yuan (RMB, same below) take kamika Mongolia gold copper Buddha A, and then resold. "Like all friends who love to collect, ‘regret’ is something that often happens. The Buddha statue at the current market price at least more than one million yuan." He pointed out that as China’s academic attention to Tibetan culture, the promotion of more collectors, Tibetan art collection market has gradually entered the right track, more people have mastered its evaluation criteria. Today, China’s market has matured, compared with the West has no difference. "They will often shoot higher prices in the domestic auction," the possibility of the Jianlou ‘environment is very small." Forum, 25 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government and the Special Administrative Region of the collection of the association of the person in charge of the study on the results of Tibetan art exchange, discussion on the results of the 28. Tibet collectors association secretary general Wang Yiwen introduction, 149 county area and extension area of Tibetan Plateau, there are many styles of art and Tibetan nationality in the long historical development process to the Qinghai Tibet Plateau based civilization, compatible with Han nationality, ancient India, Central Asia and Western culture, gradually formed the artistic characteristics of the Tibetan nationality. "Research on Tibetan art is not a local problem, largely with multi nationality and the Eurasian international, we need to be traced, clarify its source and development." Wang Yiwen said. In July at the National Conference on cultural relics in Tibet, the State Bureau of cultural relics Liu Yuzhu said that cultural relics in Tibet is an important measure to implement the Sixth Central Tibet work forum spirit, is the proper history of promoting national unity, cultivate national consciousness of community, upholding national unity play, is an important way to implement the central Tibetan prosperity the strategy, to promote the leapfrog development of Tibet cultural undertakings. It is reported that, in addition to the "Tibetan art collection culture (Lhasa) high-level forum", "the fifteenth China collection culture (Tibet) high-level forum", "national private museum sustainable development (Lhasa) forum"相关的主题文章: