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Exposure Ma Rong, Song Xiaobao derailed? Skoda is a major event derailed! Sohu do not believe that the car does not love, people still need positive energy! Finally, Baoqiang Wang Ma Rong Song Zhe "storm temporarily cease, and broke the news of Song Xiaobao derailed, oh, what is it! Is that the true saying is true? To _ to find a boyfriend must find a handsome, after all, will be derailed, ugly only spicy eyes. The entertainment circle is not reliable, or our car circle honest, love together, love is not goodbye, how refreshing! For example, Skoda recently followed SAIC to abandon the public, the track of…… Do not think that breaking up is not love, and sometimes let go more difficult than possession. The public is absolutely true love for Skoda, after all, was finally defeated Reynolds home to marry. Skoda and Skoda can be a long history of public bonds, as the only car brand in Czech, founded in 1905, several years earlier than Audi. However, around 1989, Skoda could not carry Czech’s economic reform, full of small ads seeking nurturing. Reynolds just want to find a wife for the children, ready to be Skoda completely into "Reynolds"; Audi Volkswagen said he is willing to teach "netrose" Skoda cars. Skoda just to the public, in 1991 by the acquisition of 70% of the shares. It took 9 years for the public to embrace the beauty. (by the way, the Reynolds in 1999 found his true love Nissan.) In full support of the public, Skoda began a rapid development. In 1994, relying on public technology research and development of Skoda Felicia cars in Czech successfully, then Skoda Octavia and anatase crystal models successfully out of Czech, gradually moving towards the world. Skoda in recent years in the world is also very good, for example, in 2011 the total annual sales of 879 thousand and 200 in 2012, global annual production of 939 thousand and 200, 2015 of the global sales of 1 million 60 thousand. The tree is not too good shade in 2006, which is Skoda completely belongs to the public after 6 years follow the footsteps of the public came to China. The public is party ah, come early big wife and two wife of Audi Porsche, and high reputation status again, how can Skoda Czech this small place out of the girl fight too like tigers, modern TOYOTA? The public will return a bite, Skoda at his door, then also called the first launch of the Shanghai Volkswagen Skoda Octavia models, followed by 08 years, 09 years into the introduction of Jingrui Hao Rui Xin Rui launched in 2013. The original Skoda entered the market China so long, I have a little sister deer it two years before entering the Chinese campaign, blame it had sold well. Speaking of it, but also often think of Volkswagen’s low car, which is not the meaning of the public good! Skoda sales in China after all afford public figure will not look on Skoda, can not afford to buy the public to see the Thai people, Skoda caught in the middle of embarrassment. But!相关的主题文章: