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The "extraordinary" first team Chinese Trailer tease than young variable Super Hero – Sohu alliance will save the world Sohu moron entertainment entertainment news recently, sci-fi action film "jointly produced by Lionsgate and Dianguangzhuanmei pictures (" Power Rangers "super team", also known as "dinosaur corps") released a version of the trailer and allied waste the official team five players still, extraordinary moron youth identity first exposure. In the trailer, the five protagonists accidentally broke the villain Rita queen (Elizabeth Banks) the ice seal, to return to the earth. Rita queen fell, the evil forces comeback, get extraordinary ability of five young people, from students to super hero, Sunday, officially opened the prelude to the war between good and evil. While simultaneously released stills, the five protagonists quest PZ, mistakenly meets the mysterious object.     tease than young turned superhero alliance will save the world suck the release of the first trailer, before an anti armor, lightning dinosaurs displacement of the two version of the poster, the extraordinary team five players dressed in armor, riding dinosaurs powersuits cool image, for the first time, the five main characters of the real life image exposure. Jason: is this to remind me how bad I am?" Of the people around, and the five protagonists "weirdo" and "criminals" position, will be five young people suck the youth’s survival condition detailed description. Complex family relationships, eccentric character, personal independence of conduct so that they become the eyes of others, "weirdo" and "criminals". An exploration area, they accidentally break the ice seal, the evil queen on behalf of Rita to return to earth; the five protagonists more blessing in disguise turned ultra capable warrior, consists of a new super corps, embarked on a quest to save the world. The trailer, red soldier Jason and another extraordinary fighter fleeting kissing scene seems to indicate in the future scenario, there will be love between the extraordinary warrior spark flashing. Rita queen breaking the ban to return to earth will be triggered at any moment war in addition, since the dragon tail see first Rita queen for the first time, the whole body. By Elizabeth Banks’s Rita queen, as a representative of the evil in alien forces, is the biggest villain. Previously, she had been "old white" Blaine, played by Langston Misaki Sato beat, trapped in ice for ten thousand years. The broken seal again the world, her whereabouts, in the dark of the night sleeping soldiers suspended in the extraordinary sky, "I used to kill a supernatural warrior" lines, highlights her extraordinary and clan feud, and downright hostile state. Trailer tail, Black Warrior Zach (Lin Ludi ornaments) It’s happening!" The monologue, seems to presage the extraordinary young soldiers already poised to compete with evil. Hollywood debut new audio-visual experience to help shake the classic IP upgrade version of the trailer moron alliance, contains a huge dinosaur armor, five extraordinary Mysterious Valley soldiers turned cool picture, cliff, exploration, crazy racing and other exciting scenes. The entire film soundtrack, composed of "speed and passion" was responsible for,.相关的主题文章: