Facing the early upward gap exist in resistance solid converter

Facing the early upward gap there is a relatively large resistance despite the recent property market under pressure, but did not lead to substantial funds back to the stock market, after all, is still in front of a government, actually don’t want to be pressed gourd dipper float, so we can not simply in the hope that the property market funds to save the stock market. In addition, after the return of the national day, the central bank for four consecutive days of net return of funds, the financial side of this situation will be long-term, to some extent, also reduce the slope of the stock operation. Of course, after the pension market expectation, occupation annuity market within five years or will bring new funds 300 billion yuan, according to the size of the pension and insurance to broaden the proportion, there may be more than one trillion yuan of scale of funds to the stock market in the future. The stock is currently facing the early upward gap exists in relatively large resistance, relying solely on the amount of money in the field of memory under the background of stock index rising continuously, more energy appeared tired, had to make this ready to shock adjustment. Market stability in the market this month, 24 will be held in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, can be expected before the market is still some structural opportunities.相关的主题文章: