Female and male friends open house property was swept away by her husband to call each other access crycry

Female and male friends open house property was called her husband to take away the other Fujian Legal Daily – strait law online news September 23rd a woman in Fuzhou open room with male friends, not only the rings, necklaces and other valuable belongings were swept away the other mobile phone, the other even call her husband to pick up the hotel. In the morning of September 21st, the husband and wife had a quarrel in the hotel. The woman was afraid of being hit by her husband and called the police for help. 21, 9 Xu, Fuzhou City store police station received the alarm rushed to the scene, I saw a middle-aged men and women are fierce quarrel. The man was very excited, have been cursed each other "shameless", but also hit, the woman also not resigned to playing second fiddle. Seeing this, the police will persuade both busy. After understanding, that morning, the man Lee suddenly received a phone call from his wife. After the call is connected, a strange man said, Lee’s wife in the Fu Fei Lu Hotel and friends open house, so he went to the hotel to meet people, the other side also said he and his wife Lee is real friends. Hang up the phone, Lee quickly rushed to the hotel, found his wife Xiemou, the two sides dispute. Originally, Xie met a male netizen through WeChat, two people agreed to meet at a hotel in Fu Fei Road, after which she went to take a shower. After washing out from the bathroom, Xie found that rings, necklaces and mobile phones and other properties lost, users also disappeared. At present, the police have been involved in the investigation. (Zhuang Qiaobin) (Fujian rule of law newspaper – strait rule of Law Online) related video: confused women and people "naked chat" refused to open the house, was threatened by men with naked photos, confused women and people "naked chat" refused to open the house, was threatened by men with nude threatening >

女子与男网友开房财物被卷走 对方叫其夫来接人福建法治报-海峡法治在线9月23日讯 福州一女子与男网友开房后,不仅戒指、项链和手机等值钱财物被对方卷走,对方甚至还打电话给她的丈夫到酒店接人。9月21日上午,夫妻俩人在酒店发生争执,女子害怕被老公打连忙报警求助。21日9时许,福州市新店派出所接到报警赶到现场,只见一对中年男女正在激烈争吵。男方情绪非常激动,一直大骂对方“不要脸”,还要动手打人,女方也不甘示弱。见状,民警忙将双方劝开。经了解,当日上午,男子李某突然接到妻子手机打来的电话。电话接通后,一名陌生的男子说,李某的妻子在福飞路的酒店和网友开房,让他到酒店接人,对方还直接说自己就是和李某妻子开房的网友。电话挂断后,李某连忙赶到该酒店,果然找到了妻子谢某,双方发生争执。原来,谢某通过微信认识了一名男网友,两人相约在福飞路某酒店见面,事后她先去洗澡。洗完澡从卫生间出来,谢某发现戒指、项链和手机等财物丢失,网友也不见了。目前,警方已介入调查。(庄巧斌)(福建法治报-海峡法治在线)相关视频:糊涂女与人“裸聊”拒绝开房 被男子用裸照要挟 糊涂女与人“裸聊”拒绝开房 被男子用裸照要挟 >相关的主题文章: