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Reference-and-Education In Delhi, there are so many colleges which are affiliated from different universities, offering the courses in the various field of professional career for the future managers in the industries. One of the professional courses is the Hospitality management. Hospitality management courses are available for the students in various Hotel Management College in Delhi. The Hotel school has been designed to be a world-class training centre where dedication and close ties to the hospitality and tourism industry are hallmarks of teaching and learning. Students get unparalleled instruction from the best mentors in the field and gain an excellent head start in the dynamic and exciting world of hospitality, catering and tourism. It is developed and managed by individuals who are top international hotel professionals and they bring to the classroom expertise and business acumen that provides students with comprehensive theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on experience necessary to prepare for a rewarding career in dynamic and exciting industries of hospitality, tourism and catering. The Hotel School is one of the leading Hotel Management Institute in the country offering top class education in Hotel and Hospitality Management with a global vision. The Hotel School Delhi has a global collaboration with the renowned university. The student of the hotel school undergoes the degree and diploma program in hospitality industry. With the Indian economy rising the above all expectations, the service sector is poised to become the key money spinner in the future. The process has already started and its effect is evident in the growth of the banking and financial sector, the IT sector and above all in the hospitality and tourism sector. Statistically, the stage is set when a new luxury hotel is being built in every 45 days, somewhere in the country. The Hotel School offers Hotel Management Course with the specialization in the major departments of the hospitality industry. The knowledge and skills are gained by the students in the hotel school are more emphasized on the operational standards used in the hotel industry in the major and minor departments. Hospitality industry comprises of hotel, catering and travel industry, India because of its rich historical past and varied geographical locations like hill stations and beaches has always been very attractive tourist destination. Apart from international tourists, there is a huge domestic tourist market in India including business and leisure travelers. Careers in this industry are not limited to hotels only. Industries involving institutional catering, airlines, shipping, fast food operations, travel agencies and many other sectors have steadily shown a shift towards hospitality professionals are also associated with world leaders of BPOs, Telecom and other service sectors, who prefer hospitality professionals in their customer services. This is a manpower intensive industry. The objective of the hotel school is not only to provide prescribed education but also to ensure that after training. The students get suitable employment which is only possible with the right communication, presentation and computer skills armed with their hospitality and tourism knowledge. Therefore our training programmed are uniquely designed with an orientation towards gainful employment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: