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UnCategorized Sweating for hours in the sun during a cricket match requires clothes that are .fortable and ones that can breathe. Cricket, the national sport of England, has been played since the 16th Century. Cricket’s popularity spread internationally by the 19th century due to the expansion of the British Empire making it the world’s second most popular sport. Cricket clothing includes a polo shirt, long white trousers, and a jumper if necessary. White is the only colour acceptable for wearing while playing cricket. Colour is introduced in team logos marked on shirts and hats or helmets. Cricket is played on grass. Grass stains and red marks from the balls necessitate clothes to be constructed of fabric that will clean up with ease. Exposure to the elements and heat make polyester a poor choice for the game, cotton and more breathable fabrics are found to provide more .fort. Crickets’ popularity as an international sport results in many manufacturers offering selections of suitable clothing. Many online sites are available to purchase cricket clothing both in the UK and around the world. Test cricket matches stress players endurance over a period of up to five days, requiring multiple outfits designed for .fort. Choose .fortable, loose fitting clothes. Quality fabrics will ensure wear through many games. Because cricket matches go on for hours and at times, days, clothing that offers durability and .fort is a must! Blazing sun exposure for up to 6 hours or more require clothing to have the highest standard of sun protection incorporated into the material. Material with a UPF Factor of 40 and 50 is re.mended. Many expensive brands do not have official sun ratings. Avoid purchasing from online sites that do not sun test their clothing and have an official sun rating. Sizing can be found to fit a small child up through men’s XXXL. No matter your size or age, you will be able to find a cricket outfit to fit you. Online exporting around the globe is available. Customised embroidery is available to give your team a uniform look. Look for a vendor that accepts returns if sizing is incorrect or quality unacceptable. You don’t need to haggle with an uncooperative merchant – there are so many to choose from, .petition makes for a buyers market. If you are a member of a team, look for discounts when ordering in quantity. Clothing can be found made by major manufactures such as Puma and Woodworm. Variety exists in the cut and fit of trousers. Trying on trousers at a retail store prior to looking online is suggested so you will know the style and size to order. With the only choice of colour being white, you may be surprised to find the variety and availability of cricket clothing online. Whether you are a casual player or more serious about the sport, you need suitable clothing to enjoy your cricket experience. Base your selection on quality, feel, protection, performance and price, and you won’t go wrong. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: