Five Reasons Hp Tablet Pc Slate 500 For

.puters-and-Technology IT website PCMag American author said recently, HP Tablet PC Slate 500 does not seem very clear market positioning. However, HP said, Slate 500 will not in the consumer products market in direct .petition with Apple iPad, but defined as the .mercial Tablet .puter.The following is the Slate 500 HP Tablet PCs for business analysis of the five reasons:The following is the Slate 500 HP Tablet PCs for business analysis of the five reasons: 1. Portability Higher Slate 500 of the length, width and height were 9.2 inches, 5.9 inches and 0.6 inches, the volume smaller than the iPad. Only 1.5 pounds of its own weight in the vast store of information .petency data at the same time, help them lock the vertical target markets that including education, hotel management, insurance and real estate. 2. Technical parameters more than the Netbook Slate 500 uses Intel’s 1.8GHz Atom Z540 processor, and equipped with 2GB RAM memory and a 64GB SSD (solid-state drive, SSD). .pared with most of the Netbook, SSD has obvious performance advantages, it starts faster. Although the storage space a bit limited, but the user can be expanded via SD card slot. 3. Touch-screen Interface We all know that Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system touch screen function defects. After all, unlike the Apple iOS Windows 7 as from the beginning for touch-screen design. As long as the interface is not careful with the iPad contrast, Slate 8.9-inch capacitive touch-screen design is still quite satisfactory. In addition, the built-in Bluetooth functionality also makes an external mouse or keyboard input through easier and faster. 4. No Gaming In fact, this statement is not entirely correct. As long as Windows 7 can run the game Slate 500 are .petent, but Slate’s game features the design is .pletely different from iPad. IT managers can set on Slate 500, makes it impossible to run the game program. Schools can also be used as a teaching tool without having to worry about students in the class play by Slate as "an angry bird" and other popular games. Slate 500 Design for business management. 5. Windows Operating System Although some ways of using the Windows operating system does not have the advantage. But taking into account the HP Slate locked .mercial market, the advantages of the operating system is still very obvious. Because business users do not want to go to adapt to the new Tablet PC operating system, they are still accustomed to using their familiar interface. Slate uses the Windows operating system just to meet the needs of business users. Although as more and more applications are developed based on cloud .puting, Windows advantage will certainly be weakened. But now, Windows 7 is suitable for business. However ,as a business Tablet PC, Slate’s pricing has always been worried about the industry factors. Slate 500s price higher than the cheapest iPad $ 400, higher than most of the notbook $500. Its .pact design and efficient processing power may be partially offset by the negative impact of price factors. All these factors show that HP’s market position Slate 500 Tablet PC business after all. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: