Flying With An Electronic

Arts-and-Entertainment So you have purchased your electronic cigarette and have perhaps be.e quite accustomed to it. Now it is time that you took your new little friend with you on holiday. After all, you dont want to smell like an ashtray whilst on holiday now do you?! This is about the time that most people wonder whether or not they will get stopped through Security for carrying their smokeless cigarette . Well you are certainly not doing anything wrong, but will they prohibit it anyway? In recent years, airport security has been tight, and theres a good reason why. As passengers, although sometimes inconvenient, most of us understand that they have a job to do and its up to us to help them secure our planes and airports, in fact our countries all together. So what with the ban on carrying liquids onto the plane, will our electronic cigarette and e-liquid get identified and withdrawn? W e certainly hope not. After all, what would we do without it? Apart from the fact that it would be like throwing money in the bin.. So is it legal to carry smokeless cigarettes on board? Indeed they are. There is no law prohibiting their use, or indeed the ability to carry the electronic cigarette on board. The devices themselves are not dangerous so should not be prohibited by Security. It may be best to not draw particular attention to them and pack them within your hand luggage. This is merely to avoid a barrage of questions by Security Officers. What about carrying e-liquid through security? Yes, do bear in mind the restrictions on liquid. You will need to insert your e-liquid capsule into a clear plastic resealable bag so that Security can clearly see the contents. They may then wish to inspect it closely and ask you a few questions about it. Can I use my smokeless cigarette on board the aircraft? Vaping on board is questionable, controversial, and best avoided all together. Using the electronic cigarettes could upset passengers around you and could get you thrown off the aircraft. Not literally of course! It is best to pack your smokeless cigarette and save it for when you are outside of your arrival terminal. Just imagine how good it will feel to be able to breathe in all that fresh new country air, whilst vaping away to your hearts content? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: