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Foreign media: Chinese women were arrested by African drug traffickers involved in drug trafficking arrested in Malaysia – Sohu News Reference Network February 15 daily media said that the current drug trafficking arrested by the Malaysia police arrested foreign women, the largest number of Chinese women. The authorities believe this is due to some African traffickers to speak fluent Chinese, deceived these China woman when the "drug" in jail. According to Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" website reported on February 15th, sources told the "Sin Chew Daily", those charged with drug trafficking Chinese woman had 24 people, two of whom have been acquitted, there are still 22 people were detained in Kajang prison for women. The news says two of these detainees have been sentenced to death and 15 years in prison, but they still have a chance to appeal. Reported that the number of foreign women arrested for suspected drug trafficking in Malaysia, the largest number of Chinese women, followed by Iran, Thailand, Philippines, Australia and Ukraine. The source believes that most of these women are innocent people who are deceived. The news that these women were mostly African drug traffickers with money or inducements to cajole them to, and then asked the victim will drugs into malaysia. Most of the innocent women had opened their luggage to their luggage, but none of them had been found to be dark, the report said. Drug dealers in the trunk tie rod behind the dark grid, with a knife cut to find, with naked eye inspection or hand touch are difficult to detect. There was also a separate two kilograms of methamphetamine drug traffickers to tie up the package on the wire reel, then wrap the wire, or put the drugs into the milk cans and hide into the pen tube in fish, most people may not be discerned, but law enforcement often can see through the trick. With five years of experience in criminal defense and drug case lawyer Guo Weijie pointed out that the alleged Dopers in Malaysia’s law, not in the "presumption of innocence", so it is impossible and acquitted. He said, according to the 1952 Dangerous Drugs Ordinance, the holder of the item is regarded as clear contents, so if someone from the drugs found in the boot, the person is considered possession.

外媒:中国女子遭非洲毒贩诱骗 涉贩毒在马被捕-搜狐新闻  参考消息网2月15日报道外媒称,目前因涉嫌贩毒而遭马来西亚警方逮捕的外国女子中,以中国女子人数最多。当局认为这是由于一些非洲毒贩说得一口流利中文,骗得这些中国女子当上“毒枭”而身陷囹圄。  据新加坡《联合早报》网站2月15日报道,消息人士告诉《星洲日报》,这些被控贩毒的中国女子原本有24人,其中两人已无罪释放,目前还有22人被关押在加影女子监狱。消息说,这些被关押者中,有两人已被判死刑和15年监禁,但她们都还有机会上诉。  报道称,涉嫌运毒来马而被捕的外国女子中,以中国女子人数最多,其次是伊朗、泰国、菲律宾、澳大利亚和乌克兰等。  消息人士相信这些女性大多是无辜受骗者。消息指出,这些女子大多遭非洲毒贩以金钱利诱,或以甜言蜜语哄骗她们上钩后,再要求受害者将毒品带入马国。  报道称,这些无辜受害的女子大多都曾打开毒贩交给她们的行李箱查看,但都未发现其实行李箱有暗格。毒贩设在行李箱拉杆后面的暗格,用刀子切开才能发现,以肉眼检查或用手触摸都很难察觉。也曾有毒贩把一公斤冰毒分装两包紧绑在电线卷轴心,之后再缠上电线,或把毒品混进奶粉罐和藏进笔管中鱼目混珠,一般人可能无法看出端倪,但执法者往往能一眼看穿这类伎俩。  拥有五年刑事和毒品案辩护经验的律师郭韦杰指出,涉嫌运毒者在马国法律中,并不在“无罪推定原则”之列,因此要洗脱罪名是难如登天。  他表示,根据1952年危险毒品法令,物品持有者被视为清楚知道内容物,因此毒品若从某人行李箱中搜出,此人即被认为藏毒。相关的主题文章: