French intelligence the new season is to win matches Guingamp last season

French intelligence: the new season is to win matches Guingamp last season Sunday 063   sum           France; VS     gangang Dijon;   2016-11-06; 03:00         weather: sunny 14° Venue: Stade Gerland status: the rise in Banmadirong Dijon experienced at the beginning of the season did not go well, now we finally got a foothold in France, they are all competitions 5 consecutive games unbeaten, although a majority, but the team’s progress is visible. The last round of the team on the road to the 0-0 score at home court tenacious dragon Bastia, normal game basically passive situation, their 0-0 results in the end, in fact, for Dijon, their biggest problem is not on the defensive side, in three newly promoted, they are lost the ball at least, the team can hold the opposite in the premise, is the lack of ability of winning hit, and before the draw and Metz Bastia draw is this truth, but this season there is another point, is a prerequisite for before they lose the ball, they do not have any a successful comeback. The ability to play wind ball is obviously insufficient. Guingamp situation: Guingamp, Toulouse and nice of the three teams have the French just get confused, at Guingamp standings ranked fourth, the new season of 11 games they have scored 6 victories last season, until the winter break, they only won 6 games. This season the team on the road performance is 2 wins 1 flat 3 negative, although also can only say that in general, but the performance in the French team all ranked fifth, in fact, before the French is not a home advantage is particularly evident in the league this season, but this property is more and more obvious, in the premise of the team away game result the poor, away from Guingamp is absolutely amazing, just as they were on a road with a 3-1 victory over Lyon, so they have the opportunity to take the field. Record: the last 10 games against Dijon, won 4 wins 4 flat 2 negative, but all the fights are all in the B League, a recently also in 2013. SMG recommended: two teams is currently the leading opponent Guingamp a grade in the strength, especially in the field of the offensive, Dijon wants to win is not easy, recommended Guingamp unbeaten, scoring a total of 1,2. (Da Yu) 法甲情报:甘冈新赛季取胜场次已经是上赛季总和   周六063     法甲     第戎VS甘冈     2016-11-06 03:00          天气情况:晴14°   比赛场地:热尔兰球场   第戎近况:   升班马第戎在经历了赛季初的不顺利之后,现在终于算在法甲站稳了脚跟,他们目前各项赛事已经连续5场比赛不败,尽管平局居多,但这支球队的进步是看得到的。   上一轮球队在客场以0-0的比分顽强的逼平了主场龙巴斯蒂亚,再正常比赛基本都被动挨打的情况下,他们吧0-0的赛果守到最后,其实对于第戎而言,他们的最大问题并不是在防守方面,在三支升班马当中,他们也是目前丢球最少的,相反球队在能守住的前提下,缺少的是一击制胜的能力,之前与巴斯蒂亚的平局与梅斯的平局都是这个道理,不过本赛季球队也有另外一点,就是在他们先丢球的前提下,他们没有任何一场能够翻盘成功,打逆风球的能力明显不足。   甘冈近况:   甘冈,图卢兹和尼斯这三支球队把法甲本来的只需搅得混乱,目前甘冈位列积分榜的第4位,新赛季11场比赛他们已经拿下了6场比赛的胜利,上赛季直到冬歇期,他们总共才赢了6场。   本赛季球队在客场的成绩是2胜1平3负,虽然也只能说一般,但这个成绩在法甲所有球队中排名第5位,法甲其实之前并不是一个主队优势特别明显的联赛,但本赛季这个属性越来越明显,在所欲球队都客场成绩不佳的前提下,甘冈的客场表现绝对值得称赞,上一个客场他们刚刚以3-1的比分击败了里昂,所以本场他们完全有机会拿分。   交手战绩:   双方最近交手的10场比赛,第戎取得了4胜4平2负的成绩,不过所有交手全部是在法乙联赛当中,最近一场也是在2013年。   竞彩推荐:   两支球队今非昔比,目前这支甘冈在实力上领先对手一个档次,特别是在进攻方面,本场第戎想赢球不容易,推荐甘冈不败,总进球1,2.   (大禹)相关的主题文章: