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"Goddess" Wang Sicong tongued comment Xu Haiqiao warm heart to encourage the goings [Abstract] tonight (Wednesday) 8, Tencent video "Hello!" the goddess of the fifth phase of the program will be broadcast. In this program, the president Wang Sicong came to inspect the results of 10 goddess intensive training for more than and 20 days. Wang Sicong, Xu Haiqiao, encouraged the 10 Goddess: as long as there is a dream to go to work on the! Tencent entertainment news tonight (Wednesday) at 8 o’clock, Tencent video "Hello! Goddess" the upcoming broadcast of the fifth program. In this program, President Wang Sicong came to inspect the 10 goddesses, more than and 20 days of intensive training, who knows, just saw the goddess appeared, he repeatedly Tucao other ugly ", professional body teacher also told the sisters’ image picking. In order to help the goddess of self break, they showed the more beautiful, the male god goddess to visit Xu Joe castle, as the goddess of the other give advice and suggestions. It reviews the achievements of Wang Sicong goddess open again "tongue" mode is still in the "Hello!" the goddess of the audition stage, Wang Sicong to all players of the sharp comment to the people left a deep impression. This program, to patrol Wang Sicong once again opened up the "tongue" mode. Outside the studio, Wang Sicong was the goddess who shoot promotional photos, and her eyes, face says "can not bear to look again and again," this is what tucao". Not only Wang Sicong Tucao goddess shape, the goddess of the 10 facial features, body shape has also been a professional body teacher’s sharp comments. Has always been known as the "Yan value play" Chen Shujun, not only the three court five standard, body proportion, body all unqualified, "according to your height, leg length should be longer for the thin"; Tan Yanyan, Jiang Xuefei was accused of too much too thick, thigh fat waist, "you look, it is the meat"; Li Linyu is directly point out "the whole plastic surgery, was also very beautiful, so the scene into a dilemma. In order to let the other sisters have a qualitative change, this program, visit Xu Haiqiao led the two men of God Goddess to the other person for their design studio. Unlike Wang Sicong and body teacher’s sharp comments, Xu Haiqiao always think that each girl has its own characteristics, different shapes for different people. "It’s not wrong to insist on yourself, but try to be true to yourself." I do not know, so close to the goddess Xu Haiqiao will be designed to do what kind of shape? The sisters son comfort Nandi Xu Haiqiao distressed weight Wansui encourage the brave dream except for the other goddesses to give advice and suggestions, the Joe Xu Hai also brought a statue of King PK off by one, and this week the lowest popular goddess wansui. Continuous three weeks off, Wansui suddenly collapsed. She was the challenger, not to utter a single word, with more than half the time, nor for their votes, without any effort, even began to pack up, howling cry: "what time should I stay here, is not for me! I’m really tired!" In the face of the comfort of other sisters, Wan Sui is still depressed, shrinking in a corner quietly tears. But on the other side of the road by the king goddess to quickly adapt to the live environment, played guitar for netizens to show, from time to time to interact with friends, get along very happy, very popular votes increased rapidly!相关的主题文章: