Google spent 2 years studying sea water eventually because of the cost is too high to give up ratatouille

Google spent 2 years studying marine fuel end because the cost is too high to give up from the sea in the extraction of carbon into carbon neutral fuel may be a breakthrough technology of Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 14th news, it sounds like a disruptive technology: the extraction of carbon dioxide from the water, and then into a carbon neutral fuel, installed in the gas the tank for people to use. Alphabet group X (formerly Google X) is known as the "Moonshot Factory", which developed unmanned vehicles, using balloons to transmit Wi-Fi signals. The X Department has also found a new way to turn sea water into fuel, and they work together with researchers to try to turn their dreams into reality. After 2 years of research, although the technology is feasible, but X cut off the project. Like other projects in X, the first thing that happens is that the researchers accidentally read the new technical report and start to explore. X also invited some researchers to the lab. After further understanding of the details, the growing interest in X. This project was called "Foghorn", project manager Casey · Cooper (Kathy Cooper) said: "we know that if we can develop a carbon neutral fuel, the price will be reduced to a certain extent, can be commercial, will cause great impact." 2: To study 2 years after X abandoned Foghorn project in the global greenhouse gas emissions, about 14% from transportation, although electric cars are slowly spread, but other forms of transportation still couldn’t find a good way to avoid pollution, such as aircraft, cargo ship. The point is that Google’s new fuel can be used on existing vehicles. Marine carbon dioxide levels are rising. When the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere rises, the carbon dioxide dissolved in the sea water will rise, eventually forming the so-called acid carbonate, which makes the water acidic. Palo Artaud Research Center (PARC) scientist Matt · Asaman (Matt Eisaman) has studied the technology, he said: "the method we use is simply a transfer of seawater ph." Scientists put water into the box, and then enhance the acidity of water can collect carbon dioxide, into gas. After some treatment, scientists can extract hydrogen from water. If carbon dioxide reacts with hydrogen it turns into liquid fuel. After listening to Asaman’s introduction, the X team asked him to make an estimate to see if the fuel was commercially viable. There is a lot of uncertainty in the analysis, but from the point of view, it seems that one day fuel can be used to sell. So X and PARC researchers established a partnership to work together. "We think the project is worthy of further research, it is worth doing more experiments, you can develop prototype products to see if it is feasible." Cooper said, because of this, we set up a Foghorn project." 3:Foghorn project was established when PARC has been in the validation of the concept of X most of the creative fruitless, some creative "born" only a few hours was rejected. For the innovation lab, the project must be solved if it is to be adopted相关的主题文章: