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GoPro earnings bleak, moving camera market is still here today? Sohu, science and technology love fan children reported earlier, GoPro launched a new flagship Sports Camera GoPro Hero 5, and also launched GoPro Karma and GoPro Karm UAV Grip handheld platform. After a month, they also issued a new quarterly earnings, analysts had expected earnings is not good, but the actual results are not good. Of course, the Hero 5 was launched at the end of September, so this quarter earnings does not reflect the actual sales of a new generation of products. Although according to information, GoPro because of production problems, in the third quarter sold only GoPro Hero of 5, lower than analysts expected to be low. The tragic situation, GoPro optimistic expectations in the third quarter of 2016, revenue was only $240 million, down 40% (below, from Find the, Company pictures) and sports camera sales are only 1 million 20 thousand units, down 36.1%; operating loss of $88 million 600 thousand, with more than 3.1 times the loss widened. Wall Street was for the first "gas" unicorn this season performance is not optimistic; but according to statistics, analysts are still too optimistic, GoPro revenue this quarter of the bleak, still less than analysts expected $75 million (about 23% less). In addition to GoPro is underestimated, because it keeps the decline in 2015-16 years, another factor is GoPro in the same period last year has launched a new product Session; although sales are not ideal, but there may be a little help. But this quarter GoPro has yet to attract users of new products, the new product GoPro Hero 5 until the third quarter sales will soon end before launch, most will be counted in the fourth quarter. Therefore, GoPro third quarter results are particularly bleak, but also to make the fourth quarter earnings become more important. Although the GoPro of annual revenue from 13-15 billion yuan, down to 12.5-13 billion yuan, but they used to salvation has high expectations of new products. They rarely provide detailed guidelines for the fourth quarter earnings (in the last two years they did not provide detailed forecasts): fourth quarter revenue will grow to $625 million, to a peak in 2014; earnings per share is $0.15, to return to the level of 2015. After all, where did GoPro come from? The new GoPro charm and resistance in the last two quarters instead of closed style, big platform, ecology, which is probably the GoPro where emboldened. Love fan children mentioned earlier in April they finally provide the developer kit, then to the Delta相关的主题文章: