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"Grandpa Christina 38" release today double 11 Tong Dawei makes you laugh with tears – "38" Grandpa entertainment Sohu Christina stills Sohu entertainment news by Tong Dawei, Michelle Chen, Lv Yuncong starred in the blockbuster comedy film "Grandpa decompression Christina 38" today (November 11th) officially released. This time, Tong Dawei not only subvert the turned 38 year old radio poison tongue male anchor, became the 5 year old male god "pro Grandpa", this role has dubbed the role of Tong Dawei’s biggest career since seniority. After Beijing, Suzhou, Fushun, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou 5 city point mapping field audience praise the movie everywhere is bursting point, "happy to eat dog food", "Grandpa happy landlords" and "drunken sex" has become a high-frequency bursting point, Tong Dawei also became the bursting point. When the film fully deserve, funny than sweet and warm natural yesun daily comedy show get the audience behind, "see" Grandpa Christina 38 "puffy eyes, smiling face is a pain, warmth and sincerity to make, let people aftertaste, smile tears become the biggest thing in it". Tong Dawei open throat sing heart warming episode of star friends behind the explosion of red network in the movie, Tong Dawei’s radio DJ He Zhiwu was the lead singer in the film singing portrait of Jacky Cheung’s songs "Linda". Yesterday, the song sung by Tong Dawei warm heart episode "Linda" MV by the exposure of popular networks, netizens praised: "tears, picture seductive, music ear! Tong Dawei turned singer, serious singing looks like handsome fried!" There are friends, said, look at the light on the MV feel this is a good story to move people, double eleven release must see." In the point mapping field will meet the audience, Tong Dawei has repeatedly singing this song, deep and full voice. Jacky Cheung’s new interpretation of the classic love songs "Tong taste", soulful, unique mellow men’s charm. Tong Dawei sang the theme song of the open throat warm heart then, Christine Fan, Joe Chen, Huang Xiaoming, Angelababy, Xu Jinglei, Huang Bo, He Jiong, Tong Dawei and other star friends also forwarded praise. Joe Chen forwarding comments, said: big brother singing is too good to hear it, the whole amazing!" Tong Dawei and brother and sister Christine Fan directly shouted: "sing so well, we also mixed what? Miss the days of singing." Huang Bo "big warm", Huang Xiaoming is humorous ridicule Tong Dawei: "at age 38 and 39 years old. I want to Grandpa a flower Cara OK ah." "Tong style comedy" once again struck Tong Dawei contracted into comedy play bursting point in 2013 a "Chinese partner", let the audience know a very talented comedy of Tong Dawei; after the "Hollywood" in the rampage "David", "my girlfriend earlier and more" in "Yuan Xiaoou", or even directly positioned for the comedy role; and in "Tai Ping ship", Tong Dawei’s "Daqing Tong" and not surprisingly become the only point of this adorable heavy epic play tone. The star of "Grandpa Christina 38", Tong Dawei became the youngest ever "in Grandpa", from the black road running all the way, not only happy to feed their own "eat dog food", a rejection of integrity of torsion"相关的主题文章: