Guo Degang suspected circle of friends ridicule friends ugly, do not hate

Guo Degang made a circle of friends suspected taunt friends: looks ugly, do not hate him, Guo Degang Phoenix Entertainment News, August 30th, Guo Degang drying out the latest Deyunshe genealogy, which his two disciples He Yunwei, once Cao Yunjin is not in the column, was officially removed. The afternoon of September 5th, when Cao Yunjin published a long article on micro-blog, listing since 2002, and his master Guo Degang’s 14 years of resentment, and said it is time to be settled, and then retire CCTV exposure comic contest, Guo Degang called Li Jindou as storm and Jiang Kun in the famous comic industry in the long past insider. Subsequently, brokers said Guo Degang did not want to respond to the dispute. Phoenix Entertainment questionnaire in this regard, Phoenix Entertainment to do a large-scale public opinion survey, the results of the survey data and the all star officer Bo agree without prior without previous consultation. 53.19% of the users is Cao Yunjin, Guo Degang, 57.86% of the users that That’s going too far. "" Guo Degang is too harsh for the apprentice". Guo Degang broke the circle of friends for the evaluation of users and the public opinion support rate, not Zhanli Guo Degang unmoved, "All Star" broke Guo Degang but in his circle of friends of friends accusing WeChat appearance, said: "sometimes, you think network language is not good. In fact, as long as you open the man’s micro-blog, take a look at his photos, immediately do not hate him……" Phoenix Entertainment will continue to focus on further explore the authenticity of the news.相关的主题文章: