Hangzhou primary school opened 12 nap rooms, children do not lie on the table to sleep-restorator

Hangzhou primary school uses 12 nap rooms, children don’t lie on the table and sleep, after lunch every day is the most difficult time for many people, because of sleepy. It is said that a new school semester, "sleepy" it also let many parents worry about the first grade, but not for themselves, but for their children — from childhood to primary school naps, no sleep, they will not meet? Afternoon class will not because of the sleepy, the teacher can not listen to anything? The day before, Hangzhou Dangfeng experimental primary school enabled 12 "nap rooms", dedicated to the one or two grade children nap. Therefore, when the students begin to register, they also have a "nap bag", which contains pillows and blankets. Wake up bell is TFboys’s song "nap room", as the name suggests, is a special nap for the children of the classroom. Now in the Royal experimental primary school, each class has a. The "classroom", at present, should be the first primary school in the city. The area is as big as the ordinary classroom, with a foam pad on the ground, and the kids put pillows and blankets on it to enjoy a nice nap time. Every nap room has a teacher to accompany, for a while to re cover the quilt kicking quilt child, while appease "rogue turn Flapjack". If the baby is really sleepy, the teacher also allows them to sit up and read, so long as they don’t quarrel with other little partners. 13 points to 05 points, a 50 minute nap time ended, sounded to wake up the campus radio, TFboys is the "youth practice manual": "the left hand, right hand, a slow motion……" Hear the idol singing, many children got up again. Probably because lying too comfortable, there are also a few children overslept, the teacher shouted for a long time to wake up, out of the "nap room", looking for their shoes. "Teacher, I can’t wear my shoes."." I saw a little boy standing in the doorway with a worried face. Or the teacher has a way, in the shoes of the team swept his eyes, bring out two children: "you 3 shoes, like, some people must wear wrong."!" Although there is such a small episode, but after the nap, one or two grade children obviously a lot of spirit, full of air shouted the password back to the classroom. "A nap room" open two hours every year President Cao Xiaohong told newspaper reporters the money, the school opened a nap room ", mainly on account of the first grade children of early childhood education. It is understood that the nap time special arrangements for Hangzhou primary school is not much, if any, have let the children lying on the table to rest. This sleep posture, is directly PASS teachers: experimental primary school, the reason is not very healthy, do not sleep. For example, in the first two years, a little girl in Zhejiang was in grade one, and she had a problem with her cervical vertebra. She was accompanied by her parents and went to the local hospital. The little girl said, in the school nap for a week, the neck is very painful, feel the neck to break. The X-ray showed the subluxation of atlantoaxial joint in the neck of the little girl. In short, cervical dislocation. Doctors think it has something to do with her lying on the table for a long time. Cao Xiaohong said, "move into a new school this year.".

杭州一小学启用12间午睡室 孩子不用趴桌睡觉了   每天午饭后,是许多人最难熬的一段时光,因为犯困。   据说,新学期一开学,“犯困”这件事也让许多一年级家长发愁,倒不是为自己,而是为孩子――从小养成的午睡习惯,到小学没得睡了,他们会不会不适应?下午上课会不会因为犯困,老师讲什么都听不进去?   日前,杭州丹枫实验小学启用了12间“午睡室”,专门给一二年级孩子午睡。因此,该校学生开学报到时,手上还多了一个“午睡包”,里面装着枕头和毯子。   起床铃声是TFboys的歌曲   “午睡室”,顾名思义,就是专门供孩子们午睡的教室。现在在丹枫实验小学,每个班都有一个。这种“功能教室”,目前来看,在杭城小学应该是首创。它的面积和普通教室一样大,地上铺了一层泡沫垫,孩子们放上枕头,盖上毯子,就可以享受美好的午睡时光。   每间“午睡室”里都有一名老师陪着,一会儿给踢被子的孩子重新盖上被子,一会儿安抚“翻烙饼”的调皮鬼。要是有娃真的毫无睡意,老师也允许他们坐起来看书,只要不吵到其他小伙伴就行。   13点05分,50分钟的午睡时间结束了,校园广播里响起了起床铃声,是TFboys的《青春修炼手册》:“左手,右手,一个慢动作……”听到偶像的歌声,许多孩子一骨碌就爬起来了。大概因为躺得太惬意,也有几个小朋友睡过了头,老师喊了半天才醒,走出“午睡室”,找自己的鞋子。   “老师,我的鞋子穿不进。”只见一个小男孩愁眉苦脸地站在门口。还是老师有办法,在穿好鞋的队伍里扫了两眼,带出来两个小朋友:“你们3个的鞋都一样,一定有人穿错了!”   尽管有这样的小插曲,但午睡过后,一二年级小朋友明显精神了不少,中气十足地喊着口令回了教室。   “午睡室”每年开放两个时段   校长曹晓红告诉钱报记者,学校开辟“午睡室”,主要是考虑到一年级孩子的幼小衔接问题。   据了解,目前杭城小学专门安排午睡时间的不多,即便有,也多半是让孩子趴在桌子上休息。   这种睡眠姿势,被丹枫实验小学的老师们直接PASS了,理由是不太健康,不如不睡。   比如,前两年,浙江有个小姑娘刚上一年级,颈椎就出了问题,在爸妈的陪同下到当地医院就诊。小姑娘说,在学校趴着午睡一周,脖子很痛,感觉脖子要断掉了。拍片显示,小姑娘颈部寰枢关节半脱位。简单说,就是颈椎脱位。医生认为,这与她长时间趴在桌上睡有一定关系。   曹晓红说,“今年搬入新校舍,目前校园里的空余教室,足够给一二年级12个班的孩子做‘午睡室’了。”   考虑到天气原因,气温太低,睡地上容易着凉。丹枫实验小学的“午睡室”主要在两个时段开放,一是春夏之交,每年五六月;二是夏秋之交,每年九十月。相关的主题文章: