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"Happy camp" and asked Ruby Lin Wallace Huo to shout "hate" when cooked and Ruby Lin cooked was asked to what extent, Wallace Huo blurted out "hate" according to Taiwan media reports, Wallace Huo at the end of July to marry Ruby Lin, a husband has become more than 1 months, has been busy filming the day before, and finally for the first time to the variety show debut. In the recording process, he has been host of ridicule wife topic, shy to control expression, is also suspected to talk because unable to resist sustain the blows Bengchu a, "hate", let the fans stay! "Happy camp" on the 7 day the latest public notice, Wallace Huo saw a debut, immediately by the host joked: "the last time I was here was a little boy, this is somebody else’s husband ~" let him instantly feel shy, grinning down. Even the process of playing the game, he also pressed "and Ruby Lin cooked to what extent, on the spot shy to talk" hate ", a rare appearance by the audience scream. Asked Ruby Lin very well to what extent, Wallace Huo blurted out "hate" Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin married life sweet, recently several times in the streets of Taipei witnessed people being, no special cover, tightly holding hands walking, low-key but filled is full of happiness. Ruby Lin recently appeared in the interview, but also admitted that now, although ordinary, but very warm and very happy, but also more intimate husband every day, talking about marriage can not hide the sweet smile.相关的主题文章: