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Harden exposes on season frustrating boss: he encourages team history top sports   4- Sohu; Beijing on September 26th news, from the "The Associated Press" reported that, taking into account the season performance just passable, the Rockets star James – harden position, he needs to make some adjustments, to lead the team to move on. "Honestly, last year frustrating, although my personal data is also good, but in the course of the lack of passion and love," Harden said, "I looked in the mirror this summer, realize that I need to make a change, back on track." Last season, the 27 year old harden played 82 regular season games, averaging 38.1 minutes, 29 points and 7.5 assists over 6.1 rebounds and 1.7 steals. During the offseason, the number of harden to the nightclub is reduced, more appear in the training hall. So this summer, he organized 2 Mini training camps in Miami and Las Vegas. "It’s good to know each other, it can help us build cohesion as soon as possible," said Harden. Harden is trying to become a true leader, this has been the Alexander Rockets owner Leslie – sure. "This shows that James (harden) want to win," Alexander said, "in the history of the team, he is 3 or 4 players in the top. He wants to win, just like Olajuwon and Drexler." Now the Rockets have become different, training camp, there is a smile on every face, and express the expectations for the future. "Last year, frustrating, we can not solve the problem together, in short, is a very strange year," Rockets forward Trevor Ariza said. "But now, the atmosphere is completely different, and everyone is looking forward to playing in training," continued Ariza. (Jim)相关的主题文章: