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[home] rhyme memories unforgettable taste, eat bean agar jelly – Sohu to see the two words will feel in fact, winter be inopportune or inappropriate, agar jelly is a salad, like Qingdao people eat cold winter cabbage, especially the Spring Festival reunion dinner, a basin, a basin of cold cabbage agar jelly is the most popular, one minute on the table will be robbed; we also known as sea vegetables, frozen red silk, Pteris, is a species of red algae. It is transparent, like jelly, taste crisp crisp, can be mixed with cold dishes, and can be made into jelly. Extract agar agar is the main raw material. Also known as agar agar, agar, agar, is a kind of important plant gum, belongs to fiber food, soluble in hot water. Agar medium can be used to produce cold, jelly or microorganisms. Seaweed is rich in minerals and vitamins, especially the alginate it contains substances with antihypertensive effect, the starch sulfate contained in the polysaccharide substances, with lipid-lowering function, has a therapeutic effect on hypertension and hyperlipemia. The most profound in the memory than the agar jelly, 5 minutes of money for a bowl of agar jelly when climbing, only Laoshan can eat once, in order to satisfy their craving, pick up seaweed near the Zhanqiao in Qianhai, home to let mom boiled bean jelly, then there is no pressure cooker, boil a jelly for a long time now; the market is not the taste of childhood agar jelly, this time to buy some seaweed, cook the jelly to find long lost Yoha taste; ingredients: dried seaweed 50 grams, 2500 grams of water, 6 ml of vinegar seasoning: cucumber amount, the amount of soy sauce, vinegar mashed garlic, sesame oil a little amount of production process: 1 in the chart is 2, dry dry agar agar with Ganmian stick beats, sorting out the impurities, soaked with water, repeatedly scrub, wash sediment 3, wash the agar in the pressure cooker, add 5 pounds of water, a spoonful of vinegar, the SAIC, turn a small fire stew for 40 minutes, then simmer for 30 minutes, 4 cooked seaweed turned green, after opening the cover to filter out liquid (filter is Soybean Milk machine), refrigerate, 5 completely removed after solidification, open standard, seaweed jelly, taste is the taste of the sea cucumber, 6 point or cabbage, tamping point mashed garlic, soy sauce and vinegar, sesame oil mix can be on the table tips: 1, the boiled liquid, summer, hurry to eat, put the refrigerator, put out the window in winter a solidification相关的主题文章: