How much money he married suitcase

How much money marriage suitcase dowry married bride suitcase how much money it? In fact, the income is the pressure box money, how much is not limited, mainly to have a good moral, let’s take a look at the following. Married bride suitcase how much dowry bride suitcase how much money it? That is the bride dowry dowery. In fact, dowery is long-standing, before people will be the man to the woman’s dowry money, rest, and in the name of the dowery to the girl with a decent, no requirement on the amount. With the progress of the times, not only the traditional dowery argument, and given a new meaning, the number also has specific requirements, the amount can be determined according to their economic conditions, there is no limit, such as 333 yuan, or 3333 yuan. Taiyuan in the vicinity of the marriage, the woman’s dowry, to escort the box and put some money (3333 yuan), called dowery. The bride to the man’s home after unpacking, to tell her home, said the woman (mother) brought home how much pressure box money; the groom’s family to the bride back to double the money ($6666) into the box. Together is 9999 yuan, is the new meaning will always together, enenaiai, Hanaga Hisaku. What bride dowry box? In fact, some of the earliest time inside or in the dowry box and the bride’s clothes quilt bedding, so in size will be a bit bigger, like my mother’s dowry box there are now a lot of silk satin quilt, there are some material, the original material is embroidered dragon and Phoenix embroidery, color are gaudy festive colors, and the clothes is mainly because the bride to buy lots of new clothes, get married after a period of time is to wear new clothes ah, meaning is to do new bride to start a new life, the new clothes from the inside to the outside of nature the volume also accounted for a lot of space Oh, also it will put some money, to give the bride later in life can be emergency, especially when we see those with Miss guzhuangxi A girl married her husband after the dowry is always carrying a box, and then if it happens such as what changes, she will let the little girl to her own dowry box to find the bottom pressure of money. No wonder people always say a little money finally called the bottom pressure. Originally there is a story of the. But now the dowry box volume becomes smaller in the more refined, this is because the contents of the box has been greatly changed, the first quilt these things certainly will not be ready for a lot, in fact, the dowry box is more of a custom inheritance and good moral transfer. 1, the high value of the dowry items. The dowry box name is used for some dowry goods, in fact, now the dowry of the content has changed, before the kind of large household appliances because what handling inconvenient so early is not new, even early on is to buy directly to the new premises. The day of the dowry items in relatively high value of goods is more fit in the dowry box, such as gold jewelry like this must be put in the box is good. This high value and put things in the chest inside it there must be someone in the box.相关的主题文章: