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How to exclude the body moisture? Identify the body of the three "wet mouth" body moisture is too heavy, easy to long acne, tired body, which will undoubtedly affect the work efficiency, reduce the quality of life. What shall I do? Teach you these strokes easily remove the body moisture. 1 identify the body wet discharging port (1) is located in the center of hamstring acupoint Weizhong Committee, there is a point called Weizhong, is taking the bladder. The bladder is the body’s largest detoxification to wet channel, and the Commission is the hole in the mouth of the channel, if it is not smooth, moisture can not go out, may lead to arthritis, low back pain and other diseases. So usually you can massage the acupuncture points, each less than 36 toggle or tap. (2) Quchi acupoint Quchi in cubital lateral end, elbow, when chize and the midpoint of the lateral epicondyle of humerus, large intestine by the dampness of the gas accumulation in the. It is used for the treatment of pain of shoulder and elbow (or shoulder), upper limb paralysis, hypertension, urticaria, influenza, tonsillitis, goiter, acute gastroenteritis, cold fever, sore throat, etc.. In the cubital fossa position for about 5 minutes to beat, feel the soreness is appropriate. (3) a hole springs spring point located in the axillary apex, axillary artery pulse, is an important point of the Heart Sutra, can go to the heart of the burn, should often go to massage, or toggle, generally not less than 36, at least two times a day, to clear the meridians, can also play and sleep conditioning solutions dirty uncomfortable question, including the emergence of white-collar workers often unexplained heart palpitations, chest tightness condition. 2 drink barley red bean porridge in barley, Chinese medicine called "coix seed", "Shen Nong’s herbal classic" will be listed as the top grade, it can cure rheumatism, stomach, eliminate edema, spleen and stomach, Jiufu Qingshenjianfei qi. Red bean, red, red heart, therefore it can heart nourishing, ancient records it "Jiufu thin", that often eat red bean slimming effect. There are obvious effectiveness of diuresis, detumescence, spleen and stomach. Just can play a role in nourishing and eliminating dampness and the two herbs. Not only that, barley red bean porridge also has good slimming effect, can reduce weight, and do not hurt the body. A good way to deal with the 3 hot water soaking wet evil is their feet with hot water. Hot foot bath can through six meridians to stimulate the stomach meridian, bladder meridian of foot Taiyang foot, so as to invigorate the spleen, dampness, circulation, diuresis effect. However, it should be noted that hot water should not be too hot, it should not be too cold, generally about 40 degrees. 4 don’t be afraid to exercise sweating! The usual move, even if there is no exercise habits, to do more housework or other physical activity, as far as the body manufacturing activities! Sweat, can let the stasis in the body of water, accelerate the circulation of metabolism after discharge in vitro! Exercise can make the body of excess water in the normal way, every twist, move, develop the habit of exercise sweating is a must! The day can effectively strengthen the movement but, if The new supersedes the old. nine to five, you can only exercise at night, also no ground for blame! Even if it’s busy in the morning, it takes 5 minutes to do a short stretch! In a word, exercise is a good thing! 5 eat cold in such as moisture.相关的主题文章: